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Stitch Fix Delivery {Maternity Style}

After a short hiatus from getting my monthly Fix deliveries I am back!! This time instead of receiving a regular fix I have moved over to another department that Stitch Fix offers: Maternity!! Stitch Fix now offers a box for women any shapes and sizes (yes- plus size too!) and men! With all these options… Continue reading Stitch Fix Delivery {Maternity Style}

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Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #10}

It was Friday, I had worked an entire three days, which felt like 3,000  days, and I came home to not one- but TWO boxes on my front door step! I was so excited to see my 10th Stitch Fix and another Stride Box (post coming later this week). While I know I should never… Continue reading Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #10}

Stitch Fix Review

Delivery Time [Stitch Fix #9]

  I am 99% confident that during my last Stitch Fix review I said I was going to take the month of December off and here I am yet again writing another Stitch Fix review. Oh well! It is the seasons to buy for others and occasionally treat your self right? This Stitch Fix is my… Continue reading Delivery Time [Stitch Fix #9]


Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #8}

I am a Stitch Fix Affiliate and by using my Now you can have your own personal stylist!links, I receive a small commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for reading. ” target=”_blank”> Our Fall has been so amazing so far. Seeing this box on the doorstep meant that things were about to get… Continue reading Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #8}

Stitch Fix Review

Chad’s Turn {Men’s Stitch Fix}

When I heard that Stitch Fix was expanding to now style men I could not wait to sign Chad up for a box! He rarely shops for himself and I thought this would be the perfect way to surprise him with a few new items for his closet. After a few minutes of filling out… Continue reading Chad’s Turn {Men’s Stitch Fix}

Stitch Fix Review

Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #7}

Coming home to a Stitch Fix delivery always gets me excited. Knowing I had asked for fall items in my most recent fix made me even more excited. I have overall been happy with each Fix that I have gotten and I was almost a little shocked when I realized this was my 7th Stitch… Continue reading Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #7}

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Delivery Time #6: [Stitch Fix Review]

This post contains affiliate links (including my Stitch Fix referral link). I receive a small commission each time someone signs up for a Stitch Fix subscription for the first time! I do however still pay for each Stitch Fix I review so the review is my opinion completely.  Stitch Fix delivery day is one that… Continue reading Delivery Time #6: [Stitch Fix Review]

Stitch Fix Review

Delivery Time #4: {Stitch Fix Review}

The summer is flying by. It is amazing how each and every day can seem so long individually, yet summer itself just flies by. We have had a great summer so far (minus the sickness) and have a few more fun activities planned for our remaining weeks of summer break. Last week I received my… Continue reading Delivery Time #4: {Stitch Fix Review}