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EatSmart the Easy Way {Digital Kitchen Scale Review}

One kitchen accessory that I have never owned is a kitchen scale. I am notorious for guessing portion sizes and hoping for the best. I know that when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, exercise is important but diet is key, and that is why when given the chance to review the EatSmart Precision Digital Kitchen… Continue reading EatSmart the Easy Way {Digital Kitchen Scale Review}

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Putting on my “Smarty Pants” {Review+Giveaway}

It has been a rough few months for us in the Jones household. The kids have had what seems like a constant, non-stop runny nose and I have had a head cold/ sinus infection that multiple trips to the doctor can’t seem to fix. To add to the mix, Daddy Jones has been hit with… Continue reading Putting on my “Smarty Pants” {Review+Giveaway}

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Hemp Heart Bars: Hemp Goodness On-the-Go

I love a snow-day, especially when I do not have to work! The only bad thing about these snow days is that my routine eating gets all thrown off! Take a sneak peek into my Friday to better understand what I am talking about: 5:00 AM: alarm wake up- waiting for the phone call/text about… Continue reading Hemp Heart Bars: Hemp Goodness On-the-Go