Meet the Stewart Sisters


My name is Kristen (Stewart) Jones. I am 30ish and have two amazing little kids under the age of 4 along with a laundry list of other duties & titles. I am on a journey of trying to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants and become as healthy minded as possible.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with running and find utter excitement, with a touch of horror when I sign up for races longer than a 5k. Follow along my crazy adventure called life, attempting to train for races, teach middle school, raise 2 kids and continue this crazy life of Jonesin’ for a run.

20140106-220309.jpg Hi! My name is Courtney Stewart.  I am in my thirties (because we all know after you turn 30 you never really get any older) and I have a passion for all things fitness related: running, group classes, lifting, cycling…  Love it ALL.  I have a very demanding work schedule – so making sure I fit in my workout is very important to me.  I started teaching classes at the local Y part time about 2 years ago – and I realized how much I love the combination of getting my sweat on, helping people further their fitness goals, and seeing the great friends I have made in the process. I also love hanging with my husband Jimmy and adorable diva yorkie Penny, visiting new cities, watching anything BRAVO (reality TV is my guilty pleasure, along with chocolate and anything from a bakery), gardening, and trying new recipes. As of December 2014 I have also added a sweet little baby to the mix!


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