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Global Running Day: A look into my miles (2019 edition)

Back in my blogging prime (is that even a thing???) I used to organize a Global Running Day survey link up and runners from all over would answer all the questions below. It was fun and I loved reading about everyone’s running answers, as well as take some time to think about mine (here is one old post).  I have not done the link up in years but I thought it would be fun to take some time and revisit the same questions this year to celebrate Global Running Day!


Why do you run?

Besides the fact that I LOVE IT.. it has become part of my routine. It helps me clear my mind, spend time with friends and prove to myself that I am capable of more!


How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?

I already did a nice 5k this morning to kick off the day! I earned that Garmin Connect “Global Running Day Badge” and feel great knowing I got to start my day with a run!

How many miles have you run so far this year? Do you have a mileage goal for the year?

So far this year I have logged 351 miles. As each month gets busier with activities my mileage seems to go down but my love of running is still WAY up so I will take it!

My goal for this year is 800 miles! I am currently 56% of the way there!

What big events do you have on the race calendar for the rest of the year?

My race calendar is the thinnest it has been in long time!

This summer I will running the On the Bacon Trail  7k again! This race is fabulous!

This fall I am registered for- the Dogfish Dash 8k.

I would like to add at least one fall half marathon but unsure of which one I should do. I am also hoping to run some of my favorite local races.

Before I leave for a run I must have:

That is all unless I have Little Miss LC with me then of course I have my trusty BOB stroller!

Do you track your runs? If so what do you use?

I currently use the Garmin VivoActive 3 to track runs. I wear my watch ALL THE TIME and I do really love it! I have shockingly been able to keep the white band fairly clean as well!

I also my Garmin Connect App synced to Strava so I will check that app out and see what my running friends are up to over there. I like the challenges and clubs that Strava offers as well!

Who is your favorite running partner?

This is hard.. they are equally my favorite but right now my early morning running partner gets a special shout out because she is willing to get up SO EARLY to run with me twice a week!

What races have you run so far this year?

  • Algonquin 50k- this day was just epic.. more than 31 miles of trail, mud, sweat, friends and then finishing with tears of joy and an awesome handmade MUG! I wrote a short blurb about it here. I do owe this amazing race a full recap (sorry Trent!)
  • Tim Kennard River Run– set a new 10 miler PR by seconds. Just love every detail about this race.
  • Salisbury Half Marathon– Hello sub 2 hour half marathon! Everything just clicked this day.. I still smile when I think about it. I am already signed up for the 2020 half marathon!
  • eRace the Stigma 5k- Hello new 5k PR! I guess the 3rd time really is a charm! This was my 3rd time running it and I scored a shiny new PR. I also got to support an awesome cause within the community!
  • St. Michaels Half Marathon- year #5 running in this event. Loved it but the last half was hard. I will be back again next year as an ambassador so if you want to join me use code AMBSTEW to save $10 off the half distance.

If you have to give someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?

Never give up on your goals. They may not happen this year but NOTHING is out of reach. Keep showing up, working hard and find yourself a tribe that will help you achieve your goals!

Describe your relationship with running in one word:



  • persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc. 
  • persevering, lasting or enduring tenaciously
  • constantly repeated; continued



How are you celebrating Global Running Day? What races do you have coming up or are you training for? 

7 thoughts on “Global Running Day: A look into my miles (2019 edition)

  1. I joined your link up for my first Global Running Day a few years ago and I was thrilled to see you post your questions again today… I joined you and did the same 🙂

    Congrats on the sub-2 half this year. That’s a goal I am working towards and I am getting close!


    1. Thanks for reading and linking up again today! 😊

      Thank you!! I was so excited. The stars literally aligned that day and it all was just perfect! You will get your sub two!


  2. Nice! I ran a mile with my daughter to celebrate Global Running Day (it was my scheduled day off of running) and showed her how to do strides properly. My next race is a half marathon in Wyoming, which I’m very much looking forward to!

    Liked by 1 person

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