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2019 Tim Kennard River Run [Race Recap]


Sunday marked my 5th year running the Tim Kennard River Run, which is a ten mile race in Salisbury, Maryland. This is a top notch race and each year there are a lot of familiar faces participating in the event that features a 10 miler and 5k. The course is great and with lots of turns and showcases so many parts of the Salisbury area it never gets boring.

Starting line photo from the local newspaper, The Daily Times

The weather was absolutely perfect for this race. I went back and forth on what to wear but I ended up dressing just right- shorts, tank with a light long sleeve shirt. About half way through the race I tied the long sleeve shirt around my waist. The morning started out kind of cool (around 30ish degrees) but it quickly warmed up as the sun started shining. Before the race the runners could all hang out in the gym and enjoy some coffee from a local roaster (Rise Up) and use the bathrooms. I must say one major perk of the race is the ability to wait inside instead of out in the cold before the race. The pre-race announcements started at 8 and a little later the runners all lined up outside for the 8:30 start.

Some of the Delmarva Moms Run This Town before the race

I figured I would be running the race by myself so I prepped a playlist of some new songs and some old ones to keep me motivated while running. I used my Jaybird Tarah earbuds but left one out so I could hear course volunteers for directions and volunteers at the aid stations. It has been a while since I have ran listening to music but I was happy to have it since I seemed to be by myself for the majority of the race on Sunday.

As I mentioned in my last post, my goal was to finish around 1:30 and even PR if possible. My current PR for the race was 1:29:39 which took place in the 2015 Tim Kennard race.  I am happy to report that I had a clock time of 1:29:37! I had to go back and look at my exact results from the previous years but a PR is a PR and I will take it! Throughout the race I felt pretty good. I tried to not pay to much attention to my watch as it buzzed at each mile. I ran at a pace that felt good and I thought that I could maintain. For the most part my pacing was somewhat consistent and I very happy with the fact that I was able to log a 8:28 mile to finish the race! Everything about this race just made me happy yesterday.

Once I finished I went inside the gym for the post race party. There was lots of food options including soups, egg salad sandwiches and a bunch of snacks you could grab. I hung out for a little bit and then headed home. The weather was absolutely amazing so I spent the rest of the day hanging with the kids outside!

The best part about the Tim Kennard Race was the confidence boost it gave me for my spring half marathon goal. The Salisbury Half on April 6th will be the test to see how close can I get to the 2:00 hour mark! I am excited but also know that I will have to push myself a little bit which is not typically what I do when running. Guess we will see in a few weeks 🙂

Do you have a race that you run year after year? Any tips for improving my mental toughness? What races are you running this spring?


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