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50k, Stroller Half Marathon, Spring Races + Trail Feature

Life Lately

Hi Friends! I cannot believe it has been so long since I last spent time here! Since my last post (when was that anyway?) I accomplished a pretty huge goal- I finished the Algonquin 50k! The crazy thing about the goal of running and finishing a 50k is that I never really knew that was on my radar. I felt content with capping out at the marathon distance but then sometimes crazy things happen and you find yourself registering for a 50k two months before the race. The entire experience- training and then the actual race was great and I highly, highly recommend checking out the Algonquin 50k if you find yourself wanting to run a race of that distance!

While the race deserves its own recap- I will say that finishing that race is hands down one of the proudest moments of my life. To set such a big goal for myself and then finish feeling strong is a feeling that is hard to match. I guess my big goal for 2019 is to write you a recap! Stay tuned…..


Since the 50k life has been busy- school events, family events, spending time with friends, and logging miles when it fits in. I am currently training for a few spring races (Tim Kennard 10- miler, Salisbury Half Marathon + St. Michaels Half Marathon) and I am looking forward to crossing those finish lines in the upcoming weeks. I did check off another huge goal the other weekend- I ran a training run of 13.1 pushing the single stroller! Lauren and I had a stroller PR of 12 miles from ALQ training back in November/December and I always kind of kept the idea of a stroller half in my mind so when I was running this past weekend and my watch said I had hit 11 miles I thought to myself WHY NOT.. why not run 2 more miles and check off a goal! So that is what I did.. finished out the run of 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 12 minutes!


Upcoming Spring Races

Tim Kennard River Run

I was looking back at my past races and this year will be my 5th year in a row running the Tim Kennard River Run. It is such an awesome local race that features a great course, indoor pre race/post race food and drink.  It also gives a nice little check in for my spring half marathons- my past times are the following- starting in 2015: 1:29, 1:39, 1:41 and 1:38. This year I would love to PR but a 1:30 finish time would be just as nice. The weather look great for the race so jump over to the registration site and sign up!

Salisbury Half Marathon

April 6th I will be running my first half marathon of 2019. This half will be my 25th half marathon. Last year I ran this race on very little sleep and energy and had to promptly take care of sweet little Lauren after crossing the finish line in 2 hour and 17 minutes. My goal for this race is to work my way back to my half PR of 2:07. I have not run a half in anywhere near that time in years so I am hoping the mileage I have been logging will pay off and I can break that barrier. I really enjoyed everything about this race last year so I am sure it will only be better in year #2.

St. Michaels Running Festival

May 18th I will head to St. Michaels for the 5th time. Last year I ended up not running the race so I am looking forward to getting back there for the flat and fast half. I am once again an ambassador for the race so I would love for  you to come join me! You can use code AMBSTEW to save $10 off the half distance. The festival also includes a 5k. My BRF Lacee will also be running it and we have a pretty big goal in mind. While having a goal is great I am really just excited to be logging some miles with her. It has been WAY to long since we have run together.

Running at the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge

I thought it would be fun to feature one running location every so often in my posts. While I have shared about the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge before I think it is great enough to share about again! A few weeks ago I found myself there with one of my running friends. While it was not the most beautiful of days, the area itself was beautiful as always.

Running at Assawoman is nice because it features multiple water views, a soft trail-like surface to run on, and even porta-potties throughout the area. This particular day we logged 8 miles but you can make the run shorter if needed. As you enter the area there is a large parking area and you can begin your run at the wildlife refuge. There is a main road through the refuge with different landings you can run out to. Each landing has a water view of the Assawoman bay. If you find yourself in area I recommend taking a walk or run in the area just to check out area. You can also catch a pretty amazing sunset while there!

What have you been up to? What spring races do you have on the calendar? I am hoping to find my blogging groove again and bring you some new and exciting content on a more regular basis. I hope your miles have been happy and training strong!





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