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Gear for the New Year

It is almost time for the NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS and of course NEW GEAR! Today I have compiled a list of GEAR to help you crush your goals and look good while doing it!


To kick off the list let’s start with a little motivation. Once baby #3 arrived I knew I needed a mantra… something to focus on when things got hard, crazy or just downright miserable because lets be honest sometimes it can happen no matter how perfect our social media looks.

I went over to Mantra Band and browsed all there jewelry till the perfect bangle popped out at me: “Live in the Moment”. I wear this bracelet everyday and often reread the bracelet to remind myself that this exact moment will never happen again so I need to stop and embrace it while I can. Some other top notch companies to check out for motivational gear are:

Find what mantra will work for you this new year and let it guide you and inspire you- through the good days, bad days and whatever lies in between!

New Playlist + Headphones

You all may remember my post about my newest addition to my headphone collection: Jaybird Tarah. I have really grown to love these headphones even more and highly recommend them if you are in the market for a new pair! The Tarah has made my treadmill miles more enjoyable (listening to podcasts or music)  and the solo outdoor miles magical. The battery life on the headphones seem endless and they have such a great fit! These would be a great addition to your Christmas wish list as well!

Whenever I am lacking motivation I make myself a new playlist. I would suggest making yourself a NEW YEAR, NEW GOAL playlist and rock out to it! Grab yourself a new pair of headphones and get into it!! Here are a few of my current favorite/old jams:

  • Shotgun by Ezra
  • 2002 by Anne Marie
  • Believer (Tiesto Remix) by American Authors
  • Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang
  • Broken Arrows by Avicii
  • Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt and Kim
  • Float On by Modest Mouse

If you cannot find any songs to get you going find yourself a new podcast to listen to. I have been listening to Lindsey Hein and Another Mother Runner lately. It seems that listening to people talk about running has been motivating for me and makes the treadmill miles much more bearable!

Smart Scale

Before anyone jumps all over me about how scales are not important and all that jazz you obviously do not own any scales made by EatSmart. You may remember my review of the digital bathroom scale but EatSmart has now taken things a step further and developed a Bluetooth SMART SCALE! This thing is awesome (fingers crossed for a full review soon) but in summary it connects to the EatSmart app. The app will keep track of all your stats (weight, BMI, body water percent, muscle mass and bone mass). The app also awards achievements for meeting and maintaining goals and will send you reminders to check in.

This scale can help with accountability and to focus on other health related goals besides reaching a specific weight. To learn more about the scale visit the EatSmart website.

Training Journal

One way to really focus in on goals is to write them down and focus and reflect on what you hope to accomplish. Last year I worked in the Believe Training Journal that I won from a giveaway hosted by Mile by Mile blog and I really liked the layout, feel and visual the journal provided me with. This year I am trying something different- the Devotional Training Journal!


Regardless of which journal you use- maybe it is just a plain little notebook from Rite Aid I suggest you use something to really keep track of your goals, feelings, accomplishments or maybe your failures. Reflecting really is an important part of the goal setting process!

Post Run Gear

One you have crushed your workouts it is time to put on all the cute gear and go about your day. Some of my favorite post run gear has been from Jot and Tittle (blue Sunday Runday shirt seen below). These tops are great colors, super comfortable and have cute sayings/messages on them! Seriously- go grab a few!

I also have been loving my Grace and Grit gear. Shown above is the CUTEST little stroller squad shirt on Lauren and I also have the signature “Made Strong by Grace and Grit” tank. Along with the tops check out the Strong Mom, Strong Coffee Mug- it is amazing and I cannot wait to use mine!!!

Some of my other favorite post workout gear companies include:

As I gear up for a new year I have some goals I cannot wait to crush myself:

  • Finish a 50k!
  • Continue to run happy and healthy all year
  • PR in the 5k distance
  • Incorporate more cross training 
  • Log 800 miles for the year

What goals do you have 2019? What is your go-to gear to keep you motivated or accountable?

3 thoughts on “Gear for the New Year

  1. I’d like to run 12 half marathons in 2019. I really seemed to get the hang of running them well without getting injured, so that will be my go-to-race in 2019.
    A good pair of running shoes is always motivational!

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