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Friday Favorite: BOB Blaze Performance Stroller


Before I was a Mom I was a runner so having a running stroller was of top importance to me. I started out with the Bob Revolution back in 2012 and then added the Revolution Duallie to the collection shortly after adding #2 to the family. Recently BOB Gear reached out to me to see if I would be willing to review the newest addition to their product line- the Bob Blaze! I jumped and squealed at the opportunity to test a product from one of my all time favorite brands! I could not respond YES quick enough!


Before receiving the Blaze in the mail I did a little bit of reading about the product. I wanted to be sure to fully understand all the features and offerings before testing it out myself. After a quick preview I knew it had a fixed front wheel, adjustable handle bar, handlebar console, large peek through window, and SO many more features! I was so excited about each and everyone of these features, but to be honest I was sort of scared of the fixed wheel. Both my previous single and duallie had the option to lock the front wheel but I never used this feature because I thought it would make the stroller harder to handle. Come to find out adjusting to the fixed wheel was a breeze!


The Bob Blaze falls in their category of Fast and Far, Hard-core running. The stroller really is built for speed and also has a hand break for those downhill stretches. Some other features of the stroller are:

  • 16 inch semi-slick, air filled tires on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels
  • 9 position, adjustable handlebar
  • Mountain bike-style suspension
  • Handlebar console with 2 cup holders and center zip pouch
  • Large (Like really big), zip top underneath storage
  • Peek & Chat window (LOVE THIS!!)
  • Fully upright position for your rider
  • Ultra-padded compression seat with ventilation and 5-point harness
  • Extra-Large 50+ SPF adjustable canopy- also reflective on some parts!!
  • One-hand recline adjustment makes it easy to recline your little one or quickly adjust back up
  • Easy 2-step fold up when you need to store or pack your stroller
  • Easy foot-activated parking break! Compared to my older stroller this foot break is a breeze!!!!
  • Travel system ready for anyone that still has a little one in a infant seat!
  • and MANY more features!

So upon delivery of the Blaze I immediately had to put it together. I wish I would have set a timer on how long it took me to put it together out of the box because it was done in a snap- like between 5-10 minutes! With few basic things to put together I had LC in the strollers and out the door for a quick trial. Right away I loved the adjustable handlebar and the ease of the foot break. I tried out the quick release recline feature and was impressed on how easy that was to use.

Finish Line of the Dogfish Dash 8k in September

So as for that fixed wheel feature I was afraid of… after a few runs I felt like I had quickly gotten the hang of using the Blaze and really felt OK with it. It was SO smooth and easy to push so I felt brave and loaded it up for the Dogfish Dash 8k. This race is always SUPER packed and I was nervous for pushing the stroller in the race. What I found during this race was that I felt like I had more control of the stroller with the fixed wheel vs the swivel. This was great for maneuvering through the crowd. I did find that the stroller in general seemed longer and I did have to make sure I was not running into anyone with it!


Overall I have been extremely happy with the Blaze. I find myself gravitating towards using it for any run or walk. LC seems to love it and is happy as can be when out for a stroll. I am able to watch her kick her feet with excitement or snooze with the large peek window on the canopy- it is super cute to watch.

If you are interested in the BOB Blaze, jump over to their website to read the details and specs. Do you have questions about the Blaze? Please ask!

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