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Friday Favorite: Tarah Wireless Headphones


If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know that I found my wireless headphone match: the Jaybird Tarah. The Tarah wireless headphones are newest addition to their product line and honestly my favorite.


Out of the box the headphones were so easy to use. I powered them on, opened my bluetooth setting and selected the “Jaybird Tarah” was ready for my run. These headphones offer the same great custom sound experience as the RUN and X4 , are fully sweat and weatherproof,  offer great minimalist comfort with the soft silicone ear gels, and are fast-charging and can last up to 6 hours! The best part of these headphones are the price! The Tarah are priced at $99!!!


While these wireless headphones seemed very similar to the X4s I found the soft, silicone eargels made the difference for me. They felt super soft and extremely comfortable while in my ears. During the run the eargels did not move and I did not need to adjust them at all! The headphones also include

This weekend I am registered to run a 7-Mile Trail run. I am so excited to use these new wireless sport headphones for the run. Knowing that I have light and perfect fitting headphones already gets me excited for logging 7 beautiful miles through a local trail!


Interested in learning more about the Tarah headphones? Jump over to the Jaybird website to see the specifics! Thanks to Jaybird for sending me a pair to test out- I am so excited that I found my perfect headphone match!!! These headphones should be on everyone’s Christmas list… the easy to use and great functionality, along with the $99 price point make these the perfect gift for any runner!



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