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Power Your Passion: Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones >> Product Review

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of the Jaybird X4 wireless headphones in return for an honest review. Opinions are my own. 


Say hello to the newest product in the Jaybird Family- the X4 wireless headphones. These are the latest evolution of the wireless headphones from Jaybird that offer many benefits. Out of the box I knew these would work just as perfect as the other Jaybird headphones that I have reviewed in the past (RUN and X3) and I could not wait to take them out for a run.


Before changing out any sizes of the ear tip or fin I decided to see how the standard fit would work for me. The headphones do come with two different type of ear tips in two sizes (small and large) as well as three different sizes of ear fins. All these little, important pieces come in a small carry pouch as shown above.


Finding your perfect fit is important so do not be discouraged if one fit did not work the first time. Another tip I always give Jaybird users is to put the headphones with a mirror… make sure you are getting those fins in the right spot for that perfect fit!


Since I had been using the Jaybird RUN buds which are currently just the buds in your ears and no wires at all, I was not sure how having the wire that went behind my neck would feel. I did take some time to adjust the wire and use the cord cinch feature to make sure everything felt good before I set out in my run. While running the cords in the back did not bother me at all!


Some of the key features of the newly released X4 headphones are the custom sound experience that is available though the Jaybird app. This app makes the headphones sound fully adjustable to change to your exact liking. The next feature is that they are built for adventure- completely and fully sweat-proof or waterproof if caught in a rain storm while wearing these. These headphones also offer barely-there comfort – which I can attest to. Once I had my headphones in they felt natural and did not budge while running. I never once I had to stop and adjust them while out! The last key feature is the battery life is another feature which should be mentioned- The fast charging and 8 hour battery life is impressive for sure! I also like that when you power on the headphones it tells you the battery life so there is not unexpected battery fail while out on your adventure.

Along with the features I mentioned I must also take a minute to also add that pairing the headphones with my phone was a breeze… headphones powered on, phone Bluetooth on and BAM paired and out the door. I love technology, but I love technology even more when it is EASY to use!

If you are interested in picking up your own pair of Jaybird X4 do-it-all headphones, jump over to and check them out! They are priced at $129.99 and have three different color options.

If you are looking to power your passion with a rugged and versatile headphone look no further, the Jaybird X4 is the way to go! Do you have more questions about the X4? Please reach out!


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