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September Race Round-Up

Very much like last September I have waited till the absolute last minute to gather up all the fun and exciting races that are taking place this month. I figure better late than never!


I am signed up for at least three of these runs and cannot wait to see what I have in the tank. I was doing a great job of following the Garmin Connect 5k coaching plan. I had this grand idea that I would try and PR the 5k distance this September.. my plan was going great and I felt like I was making great progress and then vacation arrived (where I did run almost everyday, just not the prescribed plan) and then I returned to work. Since the return to work I have barely logged any miles- which is fine but I know that 5k PR will have to be put on hold- at least for this month. NOW on to the ROUND UP!

September 1st/ 2nd  (sorry guys.. just now writing this post so these races are no help to you at this point)

Monday, September 3rd

Thursday, September 6th

Saturday, September 8th

Sunday, September 9th

Saturday, September 15th

Sunday, September 16th

Saturday, September 22nd

Sunday, September 23rd

Friday, September 28th

Saturday, September 29th

Sunday, September 30th

  • Dogfish Dash 8k- Milton, DE. So excited to be back dashing this year. While the race is sold out feel free to come spectate or enjoy the after party! https://www.dogfish.com/dash
  • Vernon Powell FREE 5k- Salisbury, MD! Check back to see the official start time but currently the website says it is at 4.. possibly moving it up to 3pm. Regardless the start time try and be there!!! http://www.vpshoes.com/index.cfm?ref=40100

September is PACKED with races of different distances and for different causes! I hope to see you at the starting of a few of these races this month!!

What races do you have on your calendar?? 

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