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Packing Made Easy {3-Piece Packing Cube Set Product Review}


Every summer our family packs up and heads to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week. This tradition has been going on for well over 35 years and doesn’t look like it will be coming to an end anytime soon. I love going there and my kids are following in my footsteps and count down the days till it is time to head there again.

my favorite sign located near the Rodanthe Fishing Pier

From Southern Delaware to the trivillage of Rodanthe, Waves + Salvo takes anywhere from 4.5 to 5+ hours depending on number of bathroom stops and traffic. We are pretty good at planning our trip to avoid the traffic part but the bathroom breaks have increased due to the littles. While this trip is always a highlight of the year for me one thing that I struggle to do is pack with organization. I think this is mainly due to making sure everyone else has their bags packed correctly that I end up just throwing whatever is nearby into my suit case and hoping for the best. This year things were different. This year my suitcase was organized, neat and remained that way throughout the trip AND when I got home and unpacked. You may be wondering how I was able to pull this off.. the answer is easy: Packing CubesPacking Cubes!

While packing cubes are not a new product or concept I simply had just never tried them. To be honest I just was not sure I needed more “bags” in my life. My friends at EatSmart Products asked me if I wanted to review the product and I figured it would be worth a shot.


After separating my things into a few piles I was ready to fill up the cubes. The packing cubes come in a set of three: Small, Medium, and Large. I was sent two packs of the cubes so I had no reason not to be very organized. Here is how I filled my cubes: My clothes in a large cube, Lauren’s clothes in a large cube, medium cube with diapers and wipes the other medium cube with bathroom items (shampoo, tooth paste, ect) and then one small cube for my bathing suits, underwear and socks. It was so easy to put the cubes right in my suit case and things look so nice and organized. The cubes have a mesh part so you can easy see what is inside your cube!


Once arriving at the beach it was time to unpack- I simple put the diaper/wipes cube where I planned to do most of the diaper changing, placed Lauren’s cube over by her pack and play and I left my large cube in my suitcase. This was a much better system- in years past my suitcase just was a huge mess and I would have to dig around to find anything and everything.

While on vacation I was able to do  a few loads of laundry- while that sounds terrible because it is vacation after all- it does lessen the load when I get home! Since I had the packing cubes to use I put all my clean items in one cube and all the dirty in another. This made for easy unpacking once I got home. Also once at home I was able to quickly and easily take the cubes to what room they needed to be in: Lauren’s clothes to her room, the bathroom items to the bathroom.. this also made unpacking a breeze.

I know from now on when I will be traveling or need things to organized these packing cubes will be my best friend. I already have repacked a small cube with diapers and wipes to keep in the car just as back up.


If you want to learn more about these cubes check out the links below:





To purchase your own set of 3 packing cubes for $14.95 be sure to visit: 

The cubes come in a variety of colors and will be sure to make your packing more organized. If you want a chance to win a set of your own cubes, be sure to visit my Instagram page!

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