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On the Bacon Trail– Naylor Mill Trail 7k (or maybe more) [Race Recap]

When I signed up for this race months in advance I had NO idea how hard or how fun it would be. I should have known better due to the race directors past history with making races just that– hard but fun. I missed this race last year due to being super pregnant.  I knew it was a trail run and I did not want to risk getting hurt. Looking back I am really glad I didn’t attempt it because this year, not extremely pregnant it was a challenge!


As you can probably tell from the title, the race took place at the Naylor Mill Forest Trail, located in Salisbury, Maryland. I had very little previous knowledge of the trail but assumed (always a bad idea) that it was just a windy, single track trail– wow I was wrong!

Last year the race just simply featured bacon but this year things got a little more competitive and when registering, you could pick which team you wanted to represent: Bacon (the obvious choice), scrapple or veggie. Very much like cross country, the team with the lowest score of the top ten runners would win.

As you walked up to the race you could smell the breakfast meats being cooked up. It was awesome. They also had bacon or scrapple topped donuts at the packet pickup. At packet pickup you got your personalized bib and your team shirt. Since I was team bacon, my shirt was blue as shown above.


The race started at 6:30 on Friday evening. There was a group of 115 runners ready to take on the trail for their respective teams. I was drenched in bug spray (just to be safe) and ready to go! The first part of the run took us around some baseball fields and nicely spread out the runners. As we entered the trail at around 1 mile the real fun began– the TRAILS!

As you can see from the map the trail was VERY windy! The first half of the trail seemed fairly easy. I stayed with a pack of 3 other runners for a little while but one by one they would pull off to the side and I went ahead. It was super hot and humid that evening and I felt like my morning humid runs had prepped me for this. I did not bother to look at my pace while running because it was all over the place and due to it being trails I knew it would be much slower than normal.


One of the many cool things about this race was at the start/finish area they had someone playing music- pretty much 80% of the time while in the trail you could hear the music! I really liked this and it definitely kept me motivated since I did not have any of my own music playing.


After what felt like running forever and passing some other runners I finally started to hear the faint chant of “bacon, bacon, bacon!!” and I knew the aid station was close! At the aid station the amazing volunteers handed out wet wash cloths and BACON! I took a few pieces and enjoyed the crispy bacon and went back on my way!

After the bacon station it was time to finish out the race. The first part of the trail seemed easy- yes there was some roots and such but not many climbs or downhills. The second half was far from that! I did my best to keep running while it was flat and then walk the uphills when needed.

Just when I thought it was time to exit the trail and head to the finish the trail turned right back into the forest. This happened one more time before the real exit finally appeared. Once we exited the forest you could see the finish and the handful of mini volunteers waiting for you at the finish line with a freeze pop!


My finish time for the 7k (most people said it was closer to an 8k) was 1:03:04. I was pretty happy with this as I can proudly say that once in the trail I did not get passed and I felt super strong the entire race. Overall there were 115 finishers and I came in at #64. Those numbers are all great but the REAL highlight of the race was the BACON! Once finishing another freeze pop to help cool down I headed straight over to the bacon!

While challenging the Bacon Run was one-of-a kind amazing race! If you are in the area next August I highly recommend you come out and be a part of the best (and winning) team BACON in 2019!! If you cannot wait to run one of Trent’s awesome events go check out the ALQ50k which takes place in February.

There were just so many cool little details about this race and I am going to be mad at myself after I hit the publish button and realize I missed sharing them with you. Hopefully I will see you On The Bacon Trail next year!

Thanks for a great event Trent! 

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