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Party of 5: 10+ Month Check-In


I am quite embarrassed to admit it had been so long since I have visited this site that I forgot my password to log in but regardless- HELLO and Happy August! As we have passed the 10 month mark of becoming a family of 5, I thought to jump back into things I would try and give you my best party of 5 check-in.

Last time I wrote a check-in was around 6 months… here we are at 10+ months and guess what- not much has changed:

  • I am still tired (LC just does not require much sleep- still waking up at least 3 times a night and the big kids keep me moving ALL DAY LONG.
  • I am still logging some miles when I can

It is now at least summer break. I had SO much hope that this summer would bring me some relaxation, sleep and overall good for your soul type mojo but we have pretty much been the complete opposite of that! To kick off the summer we  celebrated lots of things- Reagan graduated from kindergarten, Tanner finished up  Pre-K, Reagan turned 6 and Chad and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Shortly after that we also took a mini vacation to Williamsburg which was nice. We went to Busch Gardens and Water Country.

While the past few weeks have been tiring there has been lots of other going on as well like Reagan’s new fashion accessory. A few days after the 4th of July, little miss fell off some playground equipment and got herself a buckle fracture and this cute pink cast. We have less than a week (fingers crossed) so hopefully next time you see a picture of her she will be cast-free! She has been a GREAT sport and even has gotten pretty good with writing/coloring with her left hand. She did have to miss Art Camp but jumped right into Drama Camp and now Dance Camp!

My man Tanner decided he wanted to run his first 5k this summer. We set out for a local 5k and not after a few yards into the run he said he did not want to do it. In his defense IT WAS HOT but with a few breaks, some fun music and even some bribing we finished (59 minutes!!)! Since the race he has taken up fishing, which seems to be more his speed. He did also do a soccer camp and a tennis camp this summer which he REALLY seemed to enjoy!

Little Lauren is just growing up WAY to fast. She now has a vocabulary of “Dada, Nana and Mama. She has perfected crawling but now can stand up independently and has taken as much as one step! This is so early compared to my other two kids but it does not surprise me at all. She still has an awesome personality and is just so happy and cuddly right up to the point until she isn’t happy and cuddly and will let you know 🙂 Lauren also got to meet her future Best Running Friend (Journey)! They had a great time and seemed to get along great already!

I do think the ONLY reason I have maintained any sanity this summer is from my running. The days that I do not get out there my patience is limited, I am even more tired and truly just feel like a grouch. I try and make it a point to get out to run whenever I can squeeze it in.

I completed the Runner’s World run challenge that ranged from Memorial Day to 4th of July- logging at least a mile. I documented each day on my insta-stories which was fun. Through the challenge I logged a total of 109 miles! A few weeks I later jumped onto the Garmin Coaching program from their app for a 5k PR goal! I will hopefully have more time in another post to go into detail about the coaching but for now just know I really like it and it has helped keep me moving! Here are the mileage numbers from the past few months

  • April: 56.8
  • May 23.6 (this was a hard month for me.. I was in a bad funk)
  • June: 87.5
  • July: 72

Besides the 5k with Tanner I also ran the Lewes Dairy Christmas in July 5k early in the month! It was SO hot (just like last year) but the event was really awesome. I would HIGHLY suggest running that race if at all possible next year. The after party just has SO much and truly is a great time for all ages!

Some other things I have been obsessed with are planting little succulent planters around my house and cutting fresh flowers (zinnias) from my yard. This spring I picked up a $1.00 box of zinnia seeds and said a little prayer to please grow and bloom and I cut a mini bouquet every week and half or so. It has been a highlight of the summer for sure. My garden has been struggling but the handful of cumbers, zucchini and tomatoes is better than nothing I suppose.

While summer is winding down I do have some running events coming up on the calendar. Stay tuned as I will hopefully be back here telling you all about my upcoming bacon (YES BACON) run as well as some other fun runs planned for September.

So what have you been up to? Any fun races? New obsessions? 


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