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Party of 5: 6 Month Check-In

Well here we are 6 months into this crazy little thing called life and man am I TIRED! It must be something with these babies born in 2017 because I have heard a lot of Moms crying the blues about their little guy or gal not sleeping! I know both new 2017 additions to the Jonesin’ Crew (G2 and LC) are bad sleepers but we are staying positive that we will again sleep one day… just not sure when- luckily they are both really cute!

Since 2018 I have been doing some running. I definitely have not been logging miles like I had hoped but between this terrible winter weather that will not let up and the lack of sleep I am happy with what I have done. Here is how the past few months have looked:

January: 45 Miles + February: 45 Miles

I was able to log some longer runs in the 7,8,9 and 10 mile range. LC actually set a stroller PR and hung for 10 miles! She did a great job and somehow stayed awake for almost ALL of it!? She is not like my other stroller babies that would fall asleep the minute the BOB started rolling. She does like the stroller which I am happy about. I wonder just far she would last in there?? Maybe we will try a stroller half marathon sometime soon??? Stay tuned…



I had really planned for mornings to be my time to log a few miles and do some cross training but that has just not happened. Afternoons are filled with baby cuddles, family walks, or arts + crafts and honestly I am OK with that as well. We did spend a few days working on Reagan’s science fair project (which beverage is the best to drink before a run?) and guess what? She won 1st place or “One Place” as she called it.


In case you were wondering, we drank water, Gatorade and soda and then ran a lap at the track… the result weighed in pretty must identical for each drink so our “Run Down” was that it is just important to stay hydrated before, after and during a run. We kept things fun and easy- she is in Kindergarten after all 🙂

Little LC and I also met up with some of our awesome Mother Runners to man the aid station at the ALQ50k which took place in February! We were stationed at mile 10 and boy was it awesome to see all the runners stop by and get refueled. LC did a great job and as you can see even liked her new volunteer hat!

Upcoming Races: I do have some races that will here before I know it! I cannot wait to kick off my “racing season” with one of my favorite 10-milers this month! Check out where I will racing this spring:

So while running has sort of been happening, lots of cuddles, smiles, sleepless nights and memories have been happening for me. So what have you been up to? What races are you running this spring?



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