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Guest Post: Overcoming Gym Intimidation

While I wish that I was the one bringing you some fresh, new content- time is just not on my side. Luckily Nicole Kennedy is here to share some information on overcoming gym intimidation. I can remember the first time I went to the gym… it was new and rather scary. Check out what she has to say on the topic:

If you are working on a fitness related New Year’s eve resolution, you may find yourself a little intimidated at the gym. When you look around the gym and see people who are already in great shape it’s easy to start feeling intimidated or even ashamed about how you currently look and feel. “Is this how I use this?” “I’ll never look like that.” are just a couple thoughts that can creep into our minds and keep us from our fitness goals.

Check out the graphic below I found from this audio fitness company, Aaptiv. Its from an article written a little while ago that I think is super important to revisit now that people are probably on the tipping point between sticking with their fitness resolutions, and giving up. Here’s a hint: Don’t give up!

If going to the gym is a new thing for you then the 2nd point is key for you. Make sure you go into each trip to the gym with a plan. Knowing exactly what you want to do, and doing it, is so important for your confidence day to day. If you go in with to broad of a concept like “cardio today” or “lift weights today” it’s easy to get off track and intimidated by machines you didn’t plan on using. Be specific like “30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the elliptical.” This helps you stay focused on what you have to do and not on what others are doing around you.

#4 isn’t talked about enough. Ask for help if you need it! The mindset of most people in the gym is one of inclusion. While I’m sure some jerks still exist, this is a rare thing these days. Most people are happy to help you out and love to see new people beginning their own fitness journey’s 🙂 If you’re still nervous about talking to another member, find a trainer!

I think the real key behind a concept like this is the fact that it’s clear other people are dealing with these problems. If you are the person who is feeling intimidated by the gym you just joined, you aren’t alone. So many people go through this and also get through it! Check out the graphic is has a lot of great information and I hope it can help get you through some challenges.


Here’s the original article that was the motivation for the graphic.

Have you ever been in a new situation and found it overwhelming or downright scary? What tips would you have for someone trying to start a new fitness routine?

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