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Life Lately…


It has been well over a month since I have written a post. Things have been good, but to be honest I am busy + tired and blogging has taken a major back seat. Since my last post the holidays happened and I did run in the Surfin’ Snowman race. I ended up downgrading to the 2-miler due to the fact that I just was not feeling that well and really did not think I had 5 miles in me. I skipped a race recap but I did write a review over on Race Advisors!


To catch you up on what has been going on here is a quick rundown of what life has been like lately…..

  • I returned to work. The transition from maternity leave back to teaching has been fine. I have been VERY fortunate that shortly after my return we had Christmas Break and then a “snow break” so we have had lots of days off which I am completely fine with. I am continuing breastfeeding so I have had to transition to a lot of pumping. My supply took a hit but I am back to taking my Euphoric Herbal Supplements 3 times a day and I made these lactation energy balls (I added brewer’s yeast) to also help. It seems like my supply is back to where it should be and LC seems to be fine going back and forth between bottle/nursing.2fcf81054af70b906bde10c1abd6dceb--lactation-foods-lactation-recipes
  • Sleep. This is one area that I am sad to report is not going so well. Prior to returning to work LC was a champion sleeper at night. She was consistently going to bed around 9 or so and sleeping till 4am. This was great, life was good, momma felt as rested as possible and I was even able to sneak in some morning workouts before work. Fast forward to 2018 and LC now likes to party like its 1999 and wake up at least once during the night- anywhere between 1-2:30 and sometime again before I leave for work around 6:45. I know it is just a season and one day I will sleep again.. Luckily LC is super cute so I enjoy the extra snuggles, especially since I have returned to work.

I am sure there will be other races sprinkled in with these but as of right now these are my 2018 focuses.

  • Running/Working Out. So far in 2018 I have yet to run outside. Every single run so far this month has been on the treadmill. I really do not mind the treadmill but I am currently over it. I am ready to be outside and with other people! I have been really into different treadmill workouts to try and keep it interesting. Below is a sample of two of the workouts I did recently. Along with the treadmill I have also done some at-home spin workouts on our new sunny fitness spin bike purchased on black Friday, as well as some workout videos/Gixo workouts. I am giving myself some serious grace when it comes to workouts and being happy with whatever I can work in. There is zero consistency here so I have really been trying to focus on my eating since working out can sometimes be a hit or miss.

Not sure when I will post again but know that I am still here and ready for warm weather, group runs, stroller runs and SUNSHINE! I hope all of you are thriving and surviving 2018 so far!

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