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Baby Weigh-In Day {EatSmart Precision BabyCheck Review AND GIVEAWAY}

I do not know about you, but one thing I always wondered about my babies is how much do they weigh?

While in the hospital LC seemed to be weighed what seems like hourly then we left the hospital just to go to the doctor the next day for a weight check and then again a week later. Between our last visit (in September) to now, weight was just a guessing game. I was not worried if she was gaining because her clothes were getting more snug and those cute little baby rolls were starting to appear, however I had no clue how much she weighed.

Lucky for me I have been able to test out and review a few of the EatSmart Scale products (food thermometer, bathroom scale + kitchen scale) over the past few months. The newest product in their line up is the Precision BabyCheck Scale. When I was contacted to test this product out I could not wait to get my hands on it. The thought of ALWAYS being able to know how much LC weighed really, really excited me!

As soon as my EatSmart Precision BabyCheck Scale arrived I opened it up to see how much my little sidekick weighed. I did an entire little InstaStory on it and even included a poll for everyone to guess if she would be over or under 12 pounds.


Out of the box the scale was pretty much ready to go. Before we could use it we did have to put in 2 AAA batteries (which were included!!). Once the batteries were in and the scale was on a flat and safe place LC was placed on the scale and she weighed 11 pounds 2.5 ounces! I figured she was somewhere around that 11-12 pound mark but it was awesome to see it come up on the scale.


The scale itself is very easy to use (just like the other EatSmart scale products). Once you turn it on you wait for the 0.0 to appear and then you can place your baby (or pets according to their facebook post about the scale) on the scale. My scale read the measurement in kilograms at first so I did have to crack open the owners manual to see how to change it to pounds. After quickly scanning the manual it read that the TARE function button can change the unit of measurement. I quickly took LC off, waited for the 0.0 reading and held the TARE button until it read lb.oz on the right side- it was that easy!

Along with the general weighing feature of the scale, you can also record and save the babies weight by to compare it to the next time you weigh the baby! This is a cool feature and the simple instructions can be found on page 6 of the manual.

The EatSmart Precision Baby Check Scale can measure up to 44 pounds in 1/2 ounce increments- which means the scale can be used through the toddler years, not just as a newborn.


I plan to leave my scale out on LC’s long dresser so I can quickly capture her weight whenever I need to. The scale itself is very light weight which is nice if I need to quickly move it. Along with the features I mentioned before the scale also will turn itself off after 20 seconds. I love that the EatSmart Products automatically power off so you do not have to worry about leaving it on and draining the battery.

Now here is the BEST PART! The same day the babyscale goes on the market to buy you can win one! Head over to Instagram (@Kstewjones) and enter to win your own baby scale for you or a friend. If you know someone that is pregnant this would make a great gift or maybe you are pregnant yourself? I would add this item to your registry! So what are you waiting for? Head over to instagram to check out my EatSmart Precision BabyCheck Digital Scale giveaway!

If you want to secure your babyscale NOW head over to Amazon and purchase one! You can also always follow EatSmart on social media to get tips, tricks and other fun facts!


Disclaimer: I was sent the BabyScale at no cost to review. All opinions are my own!

As a warning from a veteran mom- never leave your baby unattended on the scale. It does not have any safety straps, and while it has the curved design any little growing and curious baby could roll off! 

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