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New Gear for the New Year {Jaybird RUN Review}

While I am in NO hurry for this year to end there is something special about starting a new year. Each new year, whether we write it down or not, I think we all set some sort of goal or goals for ourselves. A few keys to achieving our goals or staying focused is having the right gear and support to get us there.

I usually set some sort of mileage goal for myself each year. I am not hard on myself if the goal is not achieved but it does give me a target to aim towards. It keeps me moving when I would rather just be lazy and gives me motivation when the last thing I want to do is hop on the treadmill. While I have always wanted to hit that 1,000 mile mark in a year, I am not in a season of my life to make that happen. While running is important to me, there are other priorities.

No matter what you decide to focus on for the new year here are a few tips to help you reach your goal:

  • A visual of your goal. I use a monthly planner that has a section for each month to write lists or goals. This allows me to look back at what I need to focus on. I also write my monthly mileage in my planner to keep a running log of how many miles I have covered.
  • Support system. This is an important one. Without people around you supporting you it will be hard to stay focused, encouraged and in the end achieve your goal. This support system can be you family, friends, running group, co-workers or even social media strangers. I have found the best advice, encouragement and motivation comes from those whom I do not even know!
  • The right gear to get you moving. This can include shoes, clothing, cold weather accessories… it depends on your needs! Along with clothing it also covers those other running accessories like running watch, headbands (Sparkly Soul is the only way to go!) motivating jewelry (I love Momentum!!) or headphones. While I have come to enjoy running with no music, sometimes I need the extra motivation to get me moving. Along with music sometimes a podcast, or even an exercise app ( I really like Gixo) is what we need to get us moving out the door on a particular day. With music comes being sure you have reliable, easy to use headphones. Below check out my newest headphones, the Jaybird RUN.

These were sent to me by Jaybird but the review/opinions are my own.

First Thoughts: When opening the box I was excited but hesitant. There were times when I thought no earbuds would ever stay in my ears, but at least if they fell out they were connected to a wire so I would not lose them. These buds are completely wireless which scared me a little. I was however pumped knowing there was NO WIRES at all! Talk about freedom.

Inside the Box: When opening the box I noticed the ear buds came in a nice and compact charging case. To charge you actually plug the cord into the charging case which is super easy. I love the fact it comes with the case (to not only charge them) but to keep them safe between uses. Along with the charging case, the RUN buds come with the small bag with different sizes of tips and fins. These are key to these RUN buds- finding your correct fit!


How do they work? The RUN buds are easy to use right out of the box. The buds need to be paired to your phone using Bluetooth but as soon as you turn them on it prompts you to do so. This took a matter of moments and then I quickly put them in my ears.(very quickly- not advised) and set out for my first run. The buds are easy to control- Press the button on the bud for 3 seconds and it is ON or OFF, double press and it skips your song, a single press will play, pause or accept/end a phone call! You can get all the specifics from the owners manual. 

Running with the RUN buds. So here is my honest feedback of how my run with the buds went.

Run 1: Popped the buds in for a run and shortly after they popped out. Now mind you I did not change any tips or fins- I literally put them in and ran. This is not advised.

Run 2: Changed the tips (the fins have a good fit) but did not carefully put the buds in. I was about to start a 5k (first post baby 5k so I was a little nervous anyway) and just put them in. While the fit was OK, I was messing with the buds too much and ended up turning them off and just got frustrated and took them out.

Run 3: PERFECTION! After my past two failed attempts I wanted to do this RIGHT. I took my time, had both buds on and carefully placed the buds in my ear according to the picture in the manual. The last line in the manual says “you might forget you’re wearing them” and sure enough once I started running and jamming to my playlist- I forgot they were in! I saw a few neighbors and had to take them out so I could hear them they keep sound out so well! Once I got the buds in right they did not move at all during my run. They were very comfortable and I was very happy with how they felt and sounded.


RUN features:

  • Truly wireless! The buds are simply just buds!
  • 4 Hours Play Time. When you turn the buds on they tell you what percentage they are charged at which is nice. No surprise dead batteries half way through your run!
  • Chargeable Case. The case not only holds the buds, it also can provide an hour of play time with a 5 minute charge! Along with the 4 hour play time you can add a few extra hours by using the case to do a quick charge.
  • Sweat-Proof + Water Resistant. These buds are designed and built by runners so of course they are sweat proof and water resistant.
  • Custom Sound. Download the Jaybird app and you can customize the sound! There are preset options or you can customize!
  • Call/Music Controls. Not only do you get great sound, you can control your music and phone calls all through the buds so no messing with your phone while out on your run!

Pros + Cons:

  • Pros- Small, light, great sound, I can wear one bud to still stay safe and aware of my surroundings if outside and I can use them for my indoor workouts at home and not worry about wires getting tangled!
  • Cons- May take a few times to get used to, could pop out if you do not ensure the correct fit/placement.

New Year, New Gear:

As the New Year is only a few weeks away I will focus on doing what I can, when I can. I will be using my “New Gear” which includes these Jaybird RUN buds, Treadmill, Spin Bike and other in-home equipment to make it happen this year. With three kids, work,  and home duties I will need all the gear and motivation to make it happen + keep me going.

If you want to check out the Jaybird RUN wireless headphones visit the Jaybird Sport website for all the details. I am thankful for companies like Jaybird that help power my passion and help me achieve my goals!

What goals do you have for the upcoming year? What new gear do you want for the new year?








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