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Get Moving with Gixo

By now you know that I am back to running and enjoying every minute of it. Along with running I also am trying to incorporate other workouts. I have attended a local bootcamp class a few times and also turned to my new App called Gixo! Through my relationship with Fit Approach I was able to download a free version of the app. So far I have tried out a handful of workouts and I really like it.

So Gixo is VERY easy to use. Here is basic breakdown of how it works: First you download the app, fill out some basic profile information and then you sign up for classes and you WORK OUT! There is a variety of different classes and the best part is that you do not need any equipment to complete the workouts. Other people are also taking the class along with you AND you have an instructor that motivates you and prompts you all throughout the class. Here is an example of some of the classes being offered today, along with additional information about the class:

As you can see above you can see the class schedule for the entire week so you could plan out and sign up for your workouts all week long! Once you sign up for a class you get an email letting you know you have signed up and then as the class approaches you get a reminder text! The classes are also short-which for anyone that is busy can appreciate! I know I love sneaking in a quick 15 or 25 minute workout while I can.

Along with a few others, I have taken the class shown above (Circuit Training & Reps). It was a great 25 minute class that got my heart rate up and the sweat dripping! The class is body weight strength training which works perfect for me -I do not have to leave my living room and I can keep an eye on the baby!

During the class you can communicate with the instructor by sending fun little emoji stickers or even a text message. It is really neat to have the accountability of the teacher and even the motivation without leaving my house! Once you complete the class you get a text from the instructor checking in with you (you do not have to answer back if you do not want to) as well as an email with a breakdown of your workout and the playlist from the class.

Today I wanted some motivation during my morning run. Instead of just heading out to run or walk or do whatever I felt like, I signed up for the endurance run/walk. I completed the same type of workout earlier in the week but on the treadmill. I must say this workout is much better completed outside because you get race against your fellow classmates!

I ended up being the only participant during this class but it made for more attention from the instructor and even more motivation. For this workout we started out with some stretches and then started out with an easy warm up run (or walk if you wanted). The instructor then set your goal based on your warm up pace. After the warm up we did intervals of faster pace followed by a slightly slower pace and so on. The cool part was that the instructor set pace/distance goals for each interval and he would tell you how far off your goal you are or to maintain or slow down. Being the only one in the class it was awesome to have the one-on-one attention as the instructor was really a motivator for some of the paces i was hitting! Once again after the class you get a follow up email with your stats from the class (if you run on the treadmill you won’t get the stats).

This interval workout FLEW by today and I was happy to have it done! As you can see from the follow up stat email I did miss some goals but ย just know I was working pretty hard. This has been my hardest run since my return back. My watch (which is new) altered me that it was my fastest 5k and my fastest mile!

Along with the follow up email and text you also can use one of your pictures taken throughout the workout and layer your workout stats on it- making it easy to share on social media!

Overall Gixo has been a great addition to my fitness routine. I plan to continue to complete these workouts as often as possible! If you want to try Gixo head over to to get started and add me as a friend- we can take some classes together!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free version of the Gixo app through my relationship with FitApproach. I was not compensated for this post or required to write- I just simply wanted to share my thoughts on it!ย 

8 thoughts on “Get Moving with Gixo

  1. I’m loving Gixo! Such a great way to feel motivated to get a sweat session, to get a sweat date together with friends from all over, and break up an afternoon lull with a 15-minute ab workout!


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