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Party of Five: One Month Check-In

The Jones Crew after walking a local 5k + our first family picture as a family of 5!

October 13th marked our one month status of being a family of five. It is hard to even think back to life before LC. I would like to say we have settled into a fabulous routine that works like clock work each and every day but instead- Jones Style- we just wing it most days! Baby LC is growing and seems to have gotten SO BIG so quickly! Big sister and brother still love her and cannot wait to get baby snuggles from her as soon as they get home from school!

Chad and the kids of course do their day-to-day school/work routine and that IS going well. Mornings are as smooth as they can be and by 7:40 the house is quiet and LC and I start thinking what we can do to fill our time before we go pick up R from school. Most of our days are filled with watching the morning news and starting some sort of chore and then heading out for a run, walk or some other activity. I am breastfeeding so anything we do does revolve around that as well. Honestly most days fly by and cuddling is a top priority (as it should be).

What I am sure most of you are wondering about is my return to running…. after taking it easy for 3+ weeks I deemed myself healed enough to set out for my first run. This is around the same time I returned to running after having Tanner. Prior to my first run I had been walking. Each walk was a little bit longer and slightly faster and after I felt great- no pain or soreness whatsoever. I was nervous to set out of my first day of “running” but was also ready to get back to it.

I purposely signed up to participate in the Zooma Cape Cod Virtual 10k. One perk of being a Zooma Ambassador is that I can sign up for any Zooma Race free of charge     (you can sign up for any Zooma race and save 10% by using code KRISTEN2017)! While I knew running 6.2 miles weeks after having a baby seemed crazy and just not smart, I knew it would give me something to work towards and look forward to. I set out to start my 10k and decided I would break it into 2- 5ks to make it manageable. I loaded up LC and the BOB and headed to our favorite running location that now has a smoothie shop- which provides the perfect post run treat!

The first 5k went well- I started out walking and ran once I felt ready and completed mile 1. Mile 2 was a steady run and once my watched beeped I felt so proud of myself and was in awe of how awesome the human body really is. The mile wasn’t fast or anything spectacular- it was somewhere around 10:30 or 10:40 but the fact I had done it was a victory for me- no matter how long it took me to run it. The remainder of the 5k mileage started with a short walk interval and then I finished it out with a run. While the first 5k was nothing special, it was a solid start for me. Since our first run back we have logged other miles and enjoyed the fall weather and beautiful scenery.


Along with the miles that I have logged this month, I have also added in a few other workouts which have include postnatal yoga from youtube, a bootcamp class here in town and an awesome live workout from the app Gixo. Gixo allows you to take a real workout class with an instructor and other participants where ever you are! All you do is sign up for a class and then take it when the scheduled time comes. The instructor interacts with you and you get to work out when/where it works for you! I did a 15 minute Booty workout and boy was I feeling it after! I love that you can workout when it works for you and no need to travel to the gym!

Overall month one was FLOWN by and has been great. I could use a little more sleep but we all are adjusting well and love having little LC to swoon over! I am looking forward to getting back to some group runs. I have missed my running girls A LOT! I also would like to run a local 5k in the next few weeks. There are boat load of them coming up so I should be able to make it to the start line of one of them! For a better day-to-day picture of life check out instagram (@kstewjones).

How is your fall running going? What are your favorite at-home workouts? I would love to hear what other busy moms use! 




4 thoughts on “Party of Five: One Month Check-In

  1. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it! I have one daughter (now 12) and I remember everything being so hard when she was an infant. Things definitely got easier over time and with the help of my husband. He’s really the only way I’ve been able to run half marathons, work full-time, and take care of my daughter. It’s tough though!

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    1. Having the older 2 in school make my days easier for sure. Once I go back to work I have no clue how things will work but right now I’m just focusing on enjoying each day before the real craziness starts!!

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  2. Kudos to you for getting back to exercise as quickly as you did. I started walking as soon as I could after delivery, and was so excited when my OB cleared me to return to running at 4 weeks postpartum. Getting back into an exercise routine helps so much with the postpartum process.

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    1. I started walking as soon as I felt up to it. It is pretty amazing what the body is capable of doing. It is hard to believe just 7 weeks ago I had a baby and I am feeling so great so quickly!


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