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Green Chef: Taking Dinner to the Next Level

Green Chef: Taking Meal Delivery to the Next Level

By now, you are familiar with Green Chef after reading about my initial experience and my favorite Keto recipe. I have one more Green Chef experience to share with you.


Green Chef offers several meal plans for all tastes: omnivore, paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, carnivore, family omnivore, and family carnivore. Green Chef sent me the keto option to review, but these opinions are my own.

I became really excited opening the box after I saw the high quality, fresh ingredients that were sent. All the veggies, proteins, spices, and sauces are color coded – which makes it so convenient to just quickly throw all ingredients in the fridge and then later pull out what you need.

The third recipe I prepared was a Salsa Verde Chicken (400 calories: 14g fat / 10g carb / 50g protein):

Staying true to the experience of my two other posts – this recipe was on point! Start to finish – done in 30 minutes. It usually takes me at least ten minutes to find the right recipe I am looking for!

I loved the simplicity of this recipe. While I have baked and roasted cauliflower so many times before – I had never tried preparing cauliflower with the zest and juice from a lemon. It tasted so fresh and was so simple! I have used this same technique a handful of times since and I still love it. I also loved the fact that Jimmy does not like olives, so those Kalamata olives were all mine. (And did you notice that this is the second time I have had to modify the recipe to accommodate his dislikes? He doesn’t know what he is missing sometimes).

Green Chef really does offer something for everyone. If you are into trying new recipes and are obsessed with fresh, high quality, organic ingredients – then Green Chef is for you! Personally, I am loving the fact that for 3 days this week I didn’t have to meal plan, grocery shop, and then meal prep.

The verdict is in – Green Chef is going to be added into the weekly rotation! I thoroughly enjoyed my tester box and I am going to be putting my money where my mouth is.

So have you tried Green Chef before? Was your experience as good as mine? Do you have a favorite meal delivery service?

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