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Introducing the Newest Member of the Crew: Little Miss LC

The Jonesin’ For A Run Crew has added two new members this year. First, Courtney added Greyson that she mentioned in her last post and last week I added Little Miss Lauren Carolina or LC.

I had planned to document my pregnancy along the way and provide updates on how I was feeling, what was going on with baby and how my workouts/running were going but to be honest this was the easiest pregnancy EVER and those  updates would have been boring so here is a brief overview of how the past 9+ months went:

  • Little Miss LC and I logged 411 miles together
  • We ran in a bunch of races including a ten miler, 3 half marathons (Dallas, Coastal Delaware + St. Michaels) a handful of 5ks (while pushing the double stroller) and ended out our journey with a 1-mile fun run/walk  (Run, White and Blue 5k) and a 2 mile walk for ALS, both in the last week of pregnancy.
  • We did not find out the gender of baby LC- just like with the other two kids. For the majority of the pregnancy I thought it was a boy. For about 2 weeks I was on team girl. When they announced it was a GIRL I was shocked!
  • I had no issues or complaints during the entire pregnancy. I did get the flu back in April but that was the only time I did not feel well.

The Grand Arrival:

Little Miss LC was a planned c-section. After having two previous sections I was expecting this one to be a walk in the park since I knew pretty much how the process went down. MUCH to my surprise this c-section was the WORST due to my spinal not fully working. After the procedure started I was able to feel EXACTLY was was going on behind that drape and they ended up having to sedate me! It was extremely painful and scary but in the end sweet baby LC as fine and so was I and really that is all that matters. Right at 10:42am on Wednesday, September 13th Lauren Carolina Jones entered the world coming in at 6lbs, 13 ozs and 19.5 inches and with TONS of dark hair. I still cannot get over the amount of hair she has! While my other two kiddos had some hair it was nothing compared to LC’s!

Coming Home: 


The Siblings:

We came home from the hospital a few days later and then the real fun began. R + T were able to meet their little sister and it did not take long for them to fall in love with her just like Chad and myself did. So far Reagan loves to pick out her outfits and Tanner loves to hold her and help give her a bottle.


LC has got the nursing thing down pat. She is a champ and without any problem has nursed, as well as taken a bottle of breastmilk from Dad and Big Brother. I have also been able to start building a little supply of pumped milk in the freezer for when I have to return to work. Courtney is my own personal lactation consultant and has been such a big help. I also have been taking some herbal supplements which also seem to help. They are definitely worth checking out if you are planning to breastfeed in the future:


Lauren has also perfected getting her beauty rest. She enjoys nursing and then taking a nap so I can do a few chores and even rest a bit myself. She even has been giving me some sleep at night. While I know this sleep thing can quickly change SO FAR she is rocking it!

What’s Next:

I head back to the doctor next week for my 2-week check up. At this point I feel really good and think my healing is going great. While I have been forcing myself to take it slow and not over exert myself I am itching to start walking. I have no goal races or expectations for myself which is a really nice feeling at this point. I know that with 3 kids, working full time, and a house to take care of running/exercising willing happen I just am not sure exactly how yet. I am signed up for some Spring Races but right now I am just enjoying the quiet moments with Little Miss LC.

It is amazing how you think your heart is already full and then something so tiny comes along and just makes it completely burst with joy and happiness. It has been such an amazing week to see little LC already grow and be so loved by so many people already.

Some discounts to share:

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