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Power Your Run: Jaybird X3 Wireless Buds


I have been way behind the curve when it comes to headphones. For a very, very long time I would only use the old school over the head, thin headphones (picture Walkman headphones) and I cried when that pair no longer worked.

After that I did upgrade to earbuds but it took me a very long time to find a pair that would actually stay in my ears. I was convinced that I had some sort of ear issue and I literally tried on SO many pairs. That pair has served me well over the past 4-5 years but I am down to only one ear bud working and of course that pesky wire that I am still not sure what to do with while running.


Now here we are in 2017 and I finally have my hands on some wireless ear buds. Jaybird must have peeked at my ultimate wish list at some point because when I received an email to try out the X3 wireless buds in exchange for a review I just about jumped out of my seat!

I had heard about Jaybird and their company initially back in 2015 when the Iron Cowboy was on his mission of completing an ironman distance race in all 50 states in 50 days. Jaybird was one of his sponsors. If you remember, Courtney and I loaded up and joined him for his 5k in Delaware and I posted about it here. It was such a cool experience and I knew anyone that sponsored him also had to be pretty cool.

I opened the headphones as soon as I woke up on Sunday morning to see what exactly I would be working with. Right off the bat I loved the color and was happy to see the “accessories” that came in a variety of sizes that could be changed on the headphones. I immediately changed the bud tips and the fins to the smallest size and put them on! They felt great and stayed in without any problems!

Photo from the

After walking around the house with them in and easily connecting them to my phones Bluetooth I could hear my music and was pleased with how easy the set up process was.


One concern I did have was with the little bit of extra wire that was just about resting on my neck. After further research I saw the accessory that would allow the wire to be shortened. After placing this one the headphone wire they felt even better and I could barely tell I even had them on! I plugged the headphones in to charge so they would be ready for the real test on Monday.

Monday I was finally able to take them out for an actual test “run”. I turned them on and got a fun message saying that my headphones were on and fully charged! This was a cool feature that left me reassured they were ready to go! The first mile I walked simply because that is pretty much my routine these days and then I picked it up for an easy run. I was pleased that once I started running the ear buds did not move and I did not have to adjust them once while out on my run. To adjust the sound I was able to use the volume on my phone and I was pleased with the sound quality.

Now along with the basic features I have described above there are some great features that I have not yet taken advantage of. One of the coolest things I learned about these headphones is that you can download an companion app (Jaybird MySound) and you can customize how you want your music to sound. You can save your settings or adjust as needed. This feature is pretty cool and I will be spending some time finding the perfect setting for me.

If you check out the Jaybird Sport Website, you will also see some other great selling points of these wireless buds:

  • Secure-Fit
  • Sweat-Proof
  • Superior audio performance for both music and calls
  • 8 hours of play time
  • 15 minutes of charging will get you a full hour of play time if you are in a rush
  • Customize and save your “sound” using the MySound app
  • Enhanced signal strength
  • Accessories for any size ears with a nice pouch to keep them in

In summary I am very pleased with my Jaybird X3 Wireless Buds and know they will be getting lots of use, especially once baby #3 arrives and I am able to sneak in some solo runs. Again thank you to Jaybird for letting me try these out! If you are interested in buying some X3 wireless buds be sure to check out

*Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of X3 wireless buds in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and weird close up ear pictures are my own*


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