Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Delivery {Maternity Style}

After a short hiatus from getting my monthly Fix deliveries I am back!! This time instead of receiving a regular fix I have moved over to another department that Stitch Fix offers: Maternity!! Stitch Fix now offers a box for women any shapes and sizes (yes- plus size too!) and men! With all these options Stitch Fix really can work for anyone, which is pretty exciting!

When I decided to give the maternity Stitch Fix a try I knew I was taking a risk because in general I am just not a fan of maternity clothes but I knew they would deliver because well, they always do!

In my this fix I asked for items that would be comfortable, cute and light to get me through the start of my second trimester. I was happy to see the five items them sent me all fit that criteria! In this fix I received the following items:


Your Story- Daughtry Split Neck Top, $38. This top definitely fit the description of cute, comfortable and light. It had a very cute small blue print on it and was a little bit longer to cover the bum region. While I did like the look and feel at this point I am trying to avoid anything sleeveless as I typically prefer to have my arms covered (at least the top parts). The split neck did come down kind of far (for my liking) so I would have to wear a tank underneath, which is fine- but can add an extra layer that I am not always a fan of. I ended up sending this top back.


Lulla- Cece Tile Print Oblong Scarf, $34. This scarf was very beautiful but to be honest I just do not feel like I need any more scarfs in my life. I know this can often be used to help conceal the bump in early stages but It just did not make the cut this time.


MTLA-Kelli Legging, $38. I never in my dreams thought I would pay $38 for leggings but once I put these one I had a hard time taking them off. They fit really well and even were not too long on my 5 foot 1 inch body. They came up a little higher than traditional leggings which was nice to have my belly covered instead of uncomfortably being tight around my stomach like most leggings I own. Without a doubt these were a keeper!

grey knit top

Market & Spruce- Shanny Knit Top, $38. This top was EXACTLY what I was hoping to receive in my fix! This super, super soft knit top fit great and was perfectly paired with the Kelli Leggings. The back of the shirt covered my bottom-which is always a requirement when wearing leggings and in general could be the most comfortable top I have ever received. This outfit has been my go-to since it arrived and has already gotten its monies worth if you ask me. Obviously this was a keeper!

The last item I was sent was a very nice, peach colored open cardigan. For some reason the picture was not showing up on my Stitch Fix app and as you can tell I failed to get any pictures of me actually wearing my most recent fix- but I ended up sending the cardigan back. You can check out the color in the picture of the clothes so perfectly folded and wrapped above. While I really did like it, I already have a grey sweater that is identical. I decided to pass on the peach cardigan.

For my first maternity fix I was really pleased. I was happy with the leggings and knit top I kept and loved that it was an outfit that would work perfect for any casual occasion. Another positive to the outfit I kept is that it will be perfect for the fall weather, post baby!

With all the options that Stitch Fix offers, it is the perfect time to sign up and schedule your first fix! I have my second maternity fix scheduled for early May so stay tuned for the next delivery! To sign up for Stitch Fix, visit: and fill out your style profile! Either use any of the referral links in this post or my referral link:

*Disclaimer: I receive a small commission when you use my links to schedule a fix so THANK YOU!*

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