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Zooma Annapolis + Every Mother Counts [Exciting Announcement Inside]

zoom + EMC

My running career has taken me many different places over the past 8+ years. I have run for myself for many years, I have run races for causes or people I wanted to support, I have organized races to help raise money for ALS and now I am fundraising and running with Every Mother Counts at the Zooma Annapolis 10k (virtual option) on June 3rd. This will be my first ever fundraising race! The best part of this fundraising race is that because of my ambassadorship with Zooma (allows me a free entry to the race) ALL the money raised goes directly to Every Mother Counts!


The partnership between Zooma and Every Mother Counts was announced a few days ago and as an expecting mother myself – YES 3# is in the oven, planning to arrive in September,  I know first hand how important proper prenatal care is for expecting mothers in ALL countries!


In case you have never heard of Every Mother Counts here is some information about them:

Every Mother Counts is a woman-founded maternal health non-profit organization that links mother to providers of essential care to address major barriers to maternal health in both the U.S. and abroad. Every Mother Counts has currently impacted over 540,000 lives and raised over $13,350,000.

Why is this important?

  • Here in the U.S. 2 women die every day from complications during childbirth and pregnancy
  • Worldwide, 1 woman dies every 2 minutes from complications from childbirth and pregnancy
  • The U.S. is one of the 13 countries with a rising maternal mortality rate, alongside The Bahamas, North Korea and Zimbabwe

What does your donation do?

  • $25 can buy a “mama kit” with the basic supplies needed to deliver safely in Uganda
  • $50 can pay for prenatal, childbirth, nutrition & breastfeeding education for 2 uninsured, at-risk moms in the U.S.
  • $100 can help transport 4 pregnant women in Uganda to a clinic for prenatal care, delivery & postnatal care
  • $250 can pay for prenatal vitamins & nutritional supplements for 30 pregnant moms in Bangladesh
  • $500 can train 2 community doulas serving at-risk moms in New York City
  • $2000 can buy a solar suitcase that provides electricity, lights & a fetal Doppler for a clinic in Tanzania

If all of us mother-runners work together we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

If you would like to donate please consider visiting my fundraising page (, or visit to learn more. I would love to be able to reach my goal of $250 by the race date of June 3rd!


If you would like to join in as being an Every Mother Counts Runner at Annapolis feel free to join the team when you register for the race. You can save 10% on your registration of any distance and the virtual option by using the code KRISTEN2017 when registering. The race on June 3rd is sure to be a very special event where not only there will be other EMC runners and Zooma ambassadors but the 10th anniversary will also be celebrated. To register or learn more visit:







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