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StrideBox Delivery {February}


February is always the craziest month for me at work! Mix in work with a couple hundred students, my own kids playing basketball and R adding a dance class to the mix and blog posts have become few and far between.

Earlier this month I received my 6th StrideBox. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to sit down and do a quick recap of the delivery but I guess that old saying “better late than never” was made up for a reason right? This February Stride Box had some cute little Valentine’s Day hints in it, starting with the pink paper it was wrapped in.


One thing I love about Stride Box is the quote they include on the box. Each month the box’s quote seems to be something that tugs at my heart strings and this month did the same. “Run Often. Run Long. But never outrun your joy of running” -Julie Isphording. This quote I think of often as I talk to new runners or someone trying to get back into a regular running routine. I always tell them to not be hard on themselves but more importantly just remember to enjoy it. I can remember times in my running career that running stopped being fun for me. Maybe I was comparing myself to others, or maybe I was just not getting the miles or pace that I desired, but running was not fun. Clearly I am not the same person now who does not care what my pace is or how long it takes me to complete a quick (or not so quick) 5k around my neighborhood- I gladly get up at 4:15 am to meet for a morning run and am proud of whatever my monthly mileage is, whether it is 25 miles or 75. Running for me is about enjoying it, hopefully inspiring others to gain the same joy I get out of it and most importantly supporting those around me that are on their running journey as well. See I told you I really connect with those quotes! Now to share the goodies in my Stride Box.

First check out some of the paper work- Stride Box sends a Do It- Time to Sweat Card and a Make it- Food & More card. This month both cards were awesome! The Workout was a Fartlek that would be perfect for an indoor treadmill run or hitting the road or track outside. I love fartleks and this is an easy one for anyone to complete! The recipe features a homemade spaghetti meat sauce- perfect for a pre-run meal or post run dinner! The recipe is very very close to how I make my sauce (minus the spinach or kale) so kudos to Nathan Freeburg for being an awesome cook!


The Stride Guide breaks down the contents of the box for us all! As always the box contains 5 products and one essential item. Along with those items, they always send a sticker! This month the sticker was Valentine’s day themed- little conversation heart stickers featuring sayings like “2 fast 4 U” and “Let’s Run”! Check out the other items:


Buff Bake- Protein Cookie- Birthday Cake! That blue packaging caught my eye right away. This birthday inspired, gluten free super cookie looks so good! This is good for before or after a workout (or even when you just need some sprinkles in your life)

Spring Energy- natural Energy Gel- Long Haul.This new product features a 100% natural energy that promises no energy spikes or crashes or GI problems. The gel packet is 100 calories, is 30 minutes of racing energy and filled with ingredients such as: basmati rice, banana, peanut butter, honey, orange juice, chia seeds and other to create a peanut butter flavored gel.

Honey Stinger- Gluten Free Waffle- Wildflower Honey. No explanation needed for this item. If you have been to a race expo or participated in a long race, chances are you have nibbled on a honey stinger waffle. This is always my go-to race fuel but this little treat really can be eaten at any time. The Wildflower Honey is a new flavor but I am sure it is as good as the others they offer!

Hyper Go- After Sport Wipe. I am notorious for planning errands and activities directly after my runs. These wipes are perfect to keep on hand for a post sweaty run to take away any odor or just that post-run salty feeling. These wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable- what else could you ask for?

Surface- SPF Lip Protection. This chap stick with SPF 50 and in Mango flavor is another item that every runner needs to have on hand for before or after a run!

StrideBox- Star Recovery Massager. The massager was sent as the essential item in this month’s box. The little blue star massager is just what the doctor ordered if you need a little recovery after a run. My kids have had fun trying this out and helping momma recovery and relax after a run!

So there you have it- The February StrideBox, filled with items all runners will love! What item would you like to try or have you tried? Any guesses what will be in next month’s box?


Thank you again to StrideBox to let me try out their service in exchange for a review! This has been a fun partnership that I hope you- the readers have enjoyed as well! If you want to check out more information about how StrideBox works, check out this link: about stridebox.


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