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That’s a Wrap {January}

And just like that the first month of the year is over! The month was filled with so much I do not even know where to start! The moth was filled with runs, an ambassadorship, new running gear and even a new sports for the kids!

Running: This month I logged 67.5 miles on 14 runs. Most of my runs were with someone else or with our Delmarva Moms Run This Town Group. I also met up with the Eastern Shore Running Club to take part in their beginners group run. Along with attending the group run, I also renewed my membership to the Eastern Shore Running Club! I am looking forward to attending more of the group runs and volunteering with them throughout the year!

Ambassadorship: While I have already been invited back as a ZOOMA ambassador and a St. Michaels Running Festival ambassador, I was SUPER excited to get an email asking me to come back as a Sparkly Soul Ambassador. This was one of my very first ambassadorships and it has been one of my favorites. It is so easy to help promote a product I love and wear all the time! sparkly-soul

New Running Gear: After seeing many other Instagram pictures of mother runners with a BOB weather shield I knew I needed to add one to my collection of BOB stroller accessories. The kids love the weather shield and have joined me on a few more chillier runs now that I have it. The only downfall of the weather shield is that it is very hard to hear the kids when they are talking to me while out on a run, other than that it is awesome! If you have a BOB single or duallie I highly suggested getting one!


Some Cross Training: I Would love to say that I have stuck to my Zooma Run Love challenge plan 100% but that would be a lie. I was doing so well sticking to the plan and completing each workout but a few busy days accompanied with a few lazy days has left me searching for the train to get me back on track. While I was on board and knocking out the training plan suggestions I did enjoy adding some much needed cross training into my routine. Some of the cross training I was getting into was some kettlebell workouts from pinterest, Runner’s World Yoga DVD and the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. While I have missed some workouts along the way I have two more weeks to get focused and finish the Zooma Run Love Challenge strong. I have received my swag for the challenge but refuse to wear them/post about it until I have completed the 10k at the end of the challenge! Stay tuned….


Family Life + Kids: we are 100% in the grind right now. Between birthday parties, work, family and general life duties I feel like we are zoned in and focused on solely those things. Luckily I do have some time scheduled to get out and spend some time with my friends and have my weekend trip coming up next month. The kids started their basketball program at the local rec center. They look forward to it each week and cannot wait to get to there after school. It is awesome to see them practice some basic basketball skills and really be excited to start to somewhat master some of the skills and of course looks so cute in their Augusta Active kid gear!


Paid Runs/Found Change: January ended up being pretty profitable for both Reagan and myself. My little protégé found $3.00 while at a birthday party. It was the cutest thing to see her run the money over to me to show me what she had found. She decided she wanted to add it to her piggy bank! Two thumbs up for my little saver. During the month I was able to pocket $1.27 all in change. Most of that was found while out running, however I did find a penny and a dime while at school. I have a jar to collect all the change from the year!

Reminders: Do not forget about these awesome race discounts for both the Zooma Race Series (specifically Annapolis which will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary+ offering a virtual option) and the St. Michaels Running Festival. To register for a Zooma Race use the code: KRISTEN2017 to save 10% and if registering for St. Michaels use the code: SMARCS to save $10.00 off the half!

I also posted this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for runners to be sure to check that out for ideas your runner with LOVE.

How did January go for you? Did you find any change? Register for any races?

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