Stride Box

StrideBox [Delivery #5]


As I mentioned in my last post (Stitch Fix #10) when I came home on Friday I had not one, but TWO deliveries. As you all know by now I am a borderline subscription junky, so when StrideBox said we will send you some complementary boxes for some social shares and review of course I was in! This is my 5th Stridebox delivery and first one of the new year. For anyone that has missed the other 4 StrideBox deliveries they have had such a nice variety of items that I either already like or ones that I have been meaning to try. StrideBox offers a monthly delivery service of 5-6 trial or full size items and then 1 Essentials item, and a sticker for $15.00 per month. Along with the items you get “The Stride Guide” which gives you a description of each item, along with when you should use it, and a card which has a recipe on one side and a workout on the other. You can learn more by visiting


For this month’s StrideBox I was sent the following items:

PRBAR– Nutrition bar used for before or after a workout. It is packed with protein to help fight off hunger and reach that PR! The two flavors I was sent was Peanut Butter Granola ( DOUBLE YUMMM) and Yogurt Berry.


1st Endurance- EFS Drink. This is a premium vegan hydration drink that prevents dehydration and cramping while also improving performance. It can be used before, after or during a workout. My flavor is fruit punch!


Cognitea– Tea is my new morning and afternoon jam. While I love Yogi tea, I am excited to try this productive energy tea to help me focus! This tea is all natural with no sweeteners or artificial colors.


Mission- Nitroactive hand and foot warmers. Um hello, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! What an awesome, awesome item to be included in the StrideBox as the cold weather is here (sometimes). These warmers are air-activated, non toxic heat source designed to supply hours of safe, on-demand heat. I CANNOT WAIT to see how these warmers work!!!!! Can you tell I am excited about this one??? I am so intrigued to see how the on/off function works and cannot wait to share with more detail later!


Win- High Performance Sports Detergent. Perfect for any level athlete that needs to get the stink out of your gear. I am looking forward to trying this out to help eliminate the gross smell from workout clothes and then be able to enjoy the light fresh scent that is left behind. I love that the guide card says “get noticed for your speed, not your smell”


Tech Friendly Running Gloves. Somehow gloves and socks constantly go missing in my house so seeing the new pair of iGloves in the StrideBox made me jump for joy! These gloves are light weight and allow you use to use your smart phone while wearing them. I have only quickly tried them out with my phone but they did work which also makes me happy.


Along with the goodies, I also got two stickers. One sticker is for my yearly mileage goal. I will really have to think about this one before I put it on print on the sticker, and the other sticker is just perfect! I often tell myself and others that if something becomes hard or frustrating (not just running) sometimes you need to take a step back and remember why you started. If you started because it was awesome or fun, make it awesome and fun again! This sticker will serve as another gentle reminder of that for me!

So after delivery #5 I have some new products to try out that will help me battle through the cold runs that are ahead of me, as well as some detergent to keep my clothes smelling so fresh and so clean! If you are interested in learning more about StrideBox, please check out for more details!

Do you have a favorite running related subscription box? Do you think this is a service you could see yourself signing up for?














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