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Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #10}

It was Friday, I had worked an entire three days, which felt like 3,000  days, and I came home to not one- but TWO boxes on my front door step! I was so excited to see my 10th Stitch Fix and another Stride Box (post coming later this week). While I know I should never ever complain about a short work week it just felt so incredibly long that when Friday afternoon FRI-NALLY got there I was tuckered out to say the least. I can say that I did muster up enough energy to dive right into my Stitch Fix delivery though.

For Fix #10 I asked for a complete surprise. I did say no accessories but other than that I was game for anything. I could not wait to see what I was sent, leaving it completely up to my stylist Jenn. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement- Jenn did awesome and I am thinking I really like the idea of the surprise fixes! Here is what was delivered in Fix #10

Skies are Blue- Verne Tie Sleeve Top. This loose fitting Mustard color top was super adorable. It fit great, had a wonderful color (that I do not own at all) and cute detail at the top of the front and back of the shirt. The sleeves also had the small tie on the sleeve adding an extra dose of detail. The top looked great paired with jeans however I decided on returning it because a pet peeve of mine is the fact you can see bra or tank straps under the detail on the top. I really, really wanted to keep this but have vowed to only keep items I absolutely LOVE this year. VERDICT: RETURN

Gilli-Shelly Printed Aline Skirt. Speaking of things I LOVE this gem showed up in fix #10. I was so surprised to see this skirt in the box as it was the first time I had received one and honestly never thought about asking for one! As soon as I tried it on I knew it would be perfect for the school outfit rotation and would look good with the new boots I scored on the final sale rack at Macy’s a few weeks ago! I paired this skirt with some a black shirt and the boots. I knew I had to keep this skirt as I loved the way it looked, felt and fit! VERDICT: KEEP

Market & Spruce- Massoletti Tassel Tie Top. This top was one that was outside of my normal style but I have often seen others wear it and I thought it was cute. Jenn suggest I pair this top with my wine colored skinnies from a past fix which you can see pictured above. I was very much on the line about whether I should keep this top or send it back but after rethinking about my “I must love it” guideline I decided that while very cute, the tassel tie top must go back. VERDICT: RETURN

Loveappella- Pola Pocket Knit Top. This was the one item in the box that I did not have a connection with. While I did think the striped and pink detail was cute, I knew this was not a piece I wanted to keep. VERDICT: RETURN

Loveappella- Leila Knit Dress. This dress was love at first sight. I have been asking for dresses I could wear to work but the sleeveless or extremely tight dresses were just not ones I felt comfortable in for work. The Leila Knit Dress was very soft, form fitting but not overly tight and looked great when paired with some sheer panty hose and boots. This will be the perfect work or meeting dress for my busy month of February that is right around the corner! As you could probably guess this one was a keeper! VERDICT: KEEP!

While Fix #10 was not a complete “keeper” it did provide me with two new pieces to add to my wardrobe. The dress and skirt will be perfect for work and I will probably wear both this week! My next fix is not scheduled to arrive until April and for that one I will begin my search for the perfect white capris that I have been talking about for what seems like forever now.

To finish out the Stitch Fix experience I will bag up the items I plan to return and take them over the post office in the prepaid bag.Stitch Fix has made my shopping so easy and convenient that I encourage anyone to try it that enjoys new wardrobe items but does not feel like the hassle of shopping. If you would like to try it out use my referral link here and sign up for your fix Fix! It is easy and fun!

Disclaimer: If you use my referral link I earn a small commission

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