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Best of Stitch Fix {2016}

During 2016 I received nine Stitch Fix deliveries, starting back in April. I really did not know what to expect but figured having someone help me have stylish clothing could not hurt! My basic style has been the Old Navy/ Gap look or whatever I could find while browsing at TJ Maxx or similar retailer. Throughout my nine Stitch Fix deliveries I received some real winners that I find myself wearing all the time, as well as some items that just are not for me.


Overall I really have liked Stitch Fix and the idea that I can try items on in my home and easily send back what I do not like or want. For a busy, full-time working mom this is a win-win for me! If you have ever tried to go clothes shopping with a 3 and 4 year old then you know why this service has been a huge help to me!

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite items from my 2016 Stitch Fix deliveries. Below enjoy my Best of Stitch Fix Deliveries from 2016:

Delivery #1: My first Stitch Fix delivery was really not super amazing. I ended up only keeping one top but truth be told I should have kept that denim dress. Out of my nine deliveries that is the ONE item that I really regret not keeping.

Delivery Time #2: This was and has been my only 5 piece keeper out of my 9 deliveries. Each item fit perfect, was a needed piece to my wardrobe and has gotten plenty of ware. I am sad to report that my white tank top did get shrunk in the wash so that will probably not be worn anymore- but the capris are MONEY I got SO much use out of them! The sandals were great for summer as well into the school year and the dress and top are also great and comfortable pieces! This delivery got me excited and wanted another delivery asap!

Delivery #3: June’s delivery brought the great gift of appropriate length mom denim shorts. These shorts got SO much use and I was so happy to get them. This top also was a highlight. The basic front and detail in the back is just what I like! A+ for these two items!

Delivery #4: Delivery #4: This delivery was jammed packed with tank tops which is fine but a girl can only own so many tank tops… sorry. I did keep these super comfy shorts which again are mom length-SCORE! This striped top has gotten lots of use as well as it pairs perfect with black capris for work!

Delivery #5:This red dress… I had an event scheduled where I had to be video tapped and this dress came in right on time. I wanted to wear something I felt comfortable and confident in and this little red number did the trick! Again I am sad to report that it got slightly shrunk (my washing skills obviously need help) but it is still hanging in my closet hoping something magical will happen to it or maybe I will just save it until my 4 year old will fit in it!

Delivery #6: This fix brought me amazing jeans and this striped top. While similar to the other striped top I got this one that has longer sleeves is a little more dressy looking (when paired with a skirt) and actually came in handy when I needed something to wear to an awards banquet the following month!

Delivery #7: The main highlight from this fix was those wine colored skinny jeans. This was the first pair of colored skinnies I added to my collection and I loved the way they felt and fit! They were the perfect fall staple and I loved the way they looked with booties! I also kept the flowered shirt pictured on the left- not necessarily my favorite but again a nice addition to my casual work closet.

Delivery#8: This was one of my favorite deliveries- mainly because my little 4 year old got to help and be my photographer. She took the two pictures on the right and we had such fund trying things on and taking the pictures together. It is cute to see she is just as excited as me when I get a Stitch Fix delivery! The sweater I kept is top notch- soft, warm, comfortable but not too hot!  I have worn it multiple times paired with a scarf and a vest and with jeans or the wine skinnies from another delivery! Hands down my favorite fall/winter fix! The black pattern top has also gained compliment after compliment and has been a great addition to the work/casual outfit rotation!

Delivery #9: Again this fix did not knock me off my sock, but what it did give me is a beautiful green open cardigan. For anyone that knows me, I have A TON of cardigans and can wear them at least 4 out of 5 days a work week- I am a teacher after all. This green color could be one of the rare colors that I do not have so  I was ecstatic to see it in my fix!

So 2016 definitely bought me more style and more wardrobe staples in my closet. With my first Stitch Fix delivery of 2017 slated to be here any day I cannot wait to see what this fix brings. When leaving a note for my stylish I asked for a complete surprise fix. My only request is that there was not any high priced items included!

If you want to sign up and try Stitch Fix use my referral link here and start filling out your style profile! The more details you can give your stylist, the better fix you will get! I am planning on switching my fix deliveries to every other month in 2017 and asking for some really great white capris to add to my wardrobe this spring!

What item do you think was the best from my 2016 keepers?

Disclaimer: If you use my referral link I receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!


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