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Month-End Madness {December}

December started out pretty rocky when it came to running. We were busy, we had a lot going on and running took a back seat. Coming off of my run-filled month of November taking a few weeks off running actually was not that bad. It is crazy to think 2016 is in the books and we are now starting a brand new year. Here is a glimpse of what my December looked like:


Total Miles: 36.7 These miles took place during ten different runs throughout the month that did not start until December 11th! Adding these few miles onto my yearly tally ended me with 933.3 for 2016! Considering I never set a mileage goal for myself this year I am happy with what I ended with!

Fun places I ran:   Since I did have some time off of school for break I was able to venture out of my normal running spots. Some of the fun places I ran was through Berlin, along the Ocean City Boardwalk, and even a race through Bethany Beach! I also went to visit the track for one run for some Yasso 800’s. I needed something different and knew that would be a nice change.

I also did a few runs through my town. This is always the most convenient option as I can just run out the door!

Amount of change I found this month: $7.33 Yes 7+ dollars! Part of this $7 is due to the fact that I found a 5 dollar bill in a parking lot! Along with that I had a major score of a #paidrun when I found $1.86 in change (mostly in one place) plus this awesome pocket knife and some tool related stuff. This brings my total yearly amount of money found (both running and just out and about) to $23.69. How incredible is that?!


Races I ran: This month the only race I ran was the Surfin Snowman 5-miler. This is always a favorite race of mine that I look forward to each year. As always we had a great group of mother runners for the event and we even had a mini-Richmond reunion! This was my 4th time running the race and logged my slowest time. I have already registered for the 5th annual race which takes place in December of 2017! To register at the ultimate low rate of $20.00 use this link:

Favorite two things about running this month: One super amazing thing that happened this month was recording a bonus content podcast with Sarah from Another Mother Runner. It was surreal to talk to someone who has inspired my mother running passion about running the Richmond Marathon with Bart Yasso. She is also the one who started my inspiration of collecting money while running. When I had my large haul of change (and the pocket knife and tools) I sent her the picture right away, knowing she would be ecstatic! 


The second favorite thing about running this month was been the weather. While some runs I had to layer up, the majority of them I was able to wear shorts! It has been nice to not have to put on layers and gloves to go run, instead just head out the door in shorts and a long sleeve top! Fingers crossed the mild temps will stay, however I already know that wont happen since we have a questionable forecast coming this weekend.

Longest run of the month: This is not a great question for me this month. My longest run was just under 5.5 miles. With no real reason to run long and not much time to actually do it, I stuck with shorter runs this month!

What’s in store for 2017: This will come later in another post recapping my year and discussing what I have planned for 2017. All in all it was a great year and I cannot wait to see how 2017 turns out!


What was your favorite thing about December? How did you end your year in running?

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