Stitch Fix for Men {Chad’s Turn #2}

As I know many of you were shocked that Chad tried Stitch Fix in the first place, here I am writing up review #2 for him! If I may say so myself he gets a light of excitement in his eyes just like I do when my box arrives. We have his frequency set to every 3 months because he does not wear casual clothes nearly as much as I do due to the nature of his teaching dress code compared to mine. In his Fix #1 he had pretty good luck and ended up keeping a few items. This month the same is true, so lets jump in and see what he was sent this time!


First up is the SeaVees- Hermosa Pilmsoll Sneaker [$78.00] Right off the bat Chad was interested in these shoes. I must give him credit that he does like to try out different styles but he just really does not take time to shop for himself. He was excited to try these on and to his excitement they fit and he found them  very comfortable. I am hoping to be able to snag some picture of him actually wearing these shoes but for now this picture will have to do. VERDICT- KEEPING!


Next was the Ezekiel- Depp Dobby Shirt [$57.00]. This shirt had a unique type pattern on it and while it was pretty cool looking, the Greyish/Black color was not something Chad or I liked. Once he tried it on it seemed slightly too tight through his shoulders so it quickly started the “return” party. VERDICT- RETURN!


Ben Sherman- Grover Quilted Harrington Jacket [$148.00] Chad was in love with these before he even got it all the way out of the box. This black jacket was right up his alley and he could not get it zipped up fast enough to see how it felt and fit. This was for sure a keeper and he plans to make this his winter staple! VERDICT- KEEPING!


Threads 4 Thought- Baseline Triblend Henley [$44.00] While this shirt was super soft, Chad kept a henley last delivery and did not really feel the need to have something so similar. VERDICT- RETURN! 


Last in the delivery was the Threads 4 Thought Tacoma Knapp Hoodie [$59.00]. This hoodie was thin and a nice color but I have never seen Chad wear a zip up hoodie in the time that I have known him. He will wear a pull over, but not a zip up. No idea why but he was not planning on changing that today. This hoodie was the last addition to the return pile. VERDICT- RETURN!


With Christmas being around the corner Chad agreed that I could just buy his jacket and shoes for him and call his presents a wrap (along with the UNC Tipsy Elves sweater I bought him). It has been shocking how much he really has enjoyed Stitch Fix! He is set to get another delivery a few months into the new year and he is already looking forward to that one!

If you want to try Stitch Fix out for your significant other or the male in your life (dad, brother, uncle) you can also check out the holiday gift cards! This is a great way to encourage them to try it out at no risk! Use this link to order a gift card today!

*This post contains affiliate links which provide me with a small commission if you happen to use them to sign up for Stitch Fix*

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