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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Runner

Sometimes I wonder how I can let time get by me so quickly. Every year I say I will not wait till the last minute to shop and here I am still trying to figure out what to buy my own children! Luckily Chad was happy with his latest Men’s Stitch Fix, so I lucked out that he happily accepted a few items from that for Christmas (review of that coming later).

I do have an in with Santa so that helps!

If you are like me and need some last minute gift ideas for a fellow runner I have come up with a list of some possibilities. I have taken into account that getting these gifts in time for Christmas might be hard so these gifts are mainly gift certificate type items.

First up is a favorite items of mine, a Project Repat Blanket! These blankets are a great way to cherish all your race memories. You can read my two blog posts (post 1 and post 2) about my Project Repat Blanket! It has been a hit at our house and I am sure any t-shirt collector on your list would love it just the same! Check out my referral link here:

Next up is to buy your loved one a race entry. There are SO many amazing races that take place locally or even across the country. At this time of the year I have seen multiple emails with opportunities to buy race gift certificates. I know just today I got one for the Coastal Delaware Running Festival. Along with the chance to buy a gift certificate, you can also save 10% on your entry! What a deal! Visit for more info. If you want to register, feel free to use my referral link. If you are looking to another race discount, be sure to check out the St. Michaels Running Festival. I am back as an ambassador for the 4th year and by using the code SMARCS you can save $10.00 off the half marathon distance. Gifting a race entry is a great gift that I know I would gladly accept and I am sure your runner would as well!

If you have a special Mother Runner in your life be sure to go check out the Another Mother Runner Store. This site is full of gear that us mother runners understand. My two personal favorite items they have right now are the new trucker hats (especially that blue one) and the shirt shown below- “I don’t know how I do it all either” I mean come on that is PERFECT! Visit to see all the goodies!


While on the topic of races another awesome race gift is to surprise your runner with purchasing race photos! I know I have mentioned this idea before but seriously some times races photos turn out amazing but they are SO expensive! Surprise your runner with an awesome race photo that will help them relive their awesome accomplishments!

The last running gift would be to order a Run Ink Design race print. These little (or big) maps have a beautiful visual of the course along with the runner’s name, bib # and finishing time. The print also has a short little tid bit about the race. For example, Richmond Marathon which is dubbed “America’s Friendliest Marathon” says that and a few other course details! This is an awesome way to again help your runner celebrate their accomplishments! Visit to check out all that is offered.


If you are a last minute shopper like me, hopefully I was able to help you find something for the runner in your life! If you need stocking stuffers, some other great options are Sparkly Soul Headbands, Momentum Bracelets, Subscription to runkeeper or Rock my Run or even some running gloves! Do you have any special gift ideas for runners? Please share any here!

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