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Delivery Time [Stitch Fix #9]


I am 99% confident that during my last Stitch Fix review I said I was going to take the month of December off and here I am yet again writing another Stitch Fix review. Oh well! It is the seasons to buy for others and occasionally treat your self right?

This Stitch Fix is my 9th one and I must say that I have had pretty decent luck with each delivery. My plan is to hopefully create a “best of 2016 Stitch Fix” post so keep an eye out for that! Also Chad’s 2nd Fix arrived this weekend and he seemed pretty excited for it! Stay tuned for the review of his Men’s Stitch Fix box as well!

By now I am sure everyone knows how Stitch Fix works.. if not here is a quick run down (skip this is you already know)

    • Sign up using my referral link (I receive a small commission for anyone that schedules a fix using my link)
    • Set up your style profile, including likes and dislikes, measurements and a link to your pinterest board
    • Schedule your first fix (your $20.00 styling fee is charged before it ships)!
    • Try on the 5 pieces you have been sent in the comfort of your home
    • Keep what you want, send back what you do not want in the prepaid envelope
    • Check out using the super easy Stitch Fix App or on the website
    • **BONUS- if you keep all 5 items you get to  take 25% off your order
    • **Bonus- you can deduct your $20.00 styling fee off your order as well!

So now back to my most recent fix! As I opened my box I noticed the gold stickers! This was something different and is part of the holiday season boxing. They also have a scratch off inside that gives a chance to win a HUGE Stitch Fix credit! I would loved to report mine said something fabulous like “You my darling have won $1,000.00 in Stitch Fix Credit” but it didn’t. So here is what came in fix #9:


Bay To Baubles- Siri Mini Statement Necklace {$34} While very cute this was not a keeper for me. I am pretty funny about the jewelry I buy and really do not need any more necklaces (this length anyway) added to my collect.

41Hawthorn- Polah Striped Pullover {$68} This sweater is very soft and even had the striped detail on the back. While I was a fan of this simple sweater it was slightly too big. This sweater was moved to the send back pile.

Pixley- Greenich Striped Knit Top {$48} This shirt is SUPER cute and the elbow pads are very in right now (or at least I think they are?). The color of the shirt was red and white striped with black elbow pads. I really, really liked this shirt however I have recently purchased a shirt that is basically the same. I could not justify keeping this shirt when I already have a blue and white striped one with brown elbow pads. This also joined the send back pile.


Gilli- Kamile Knit Dress {$54} This little black dress is super cute! I loved the details on the front and the way it would make your waist look small. This dress just did not look right on me and I do think if I had maybe a Small instead of an XS it may have looked better. At this point I would prefer long sleeve dresses over sleeveless so this was sent back as well.

Skies are Blue- Bonny Open Cardigan {$68} I knew when I saw this sweater it was something that was right up my alley. I wear open cardigans to school and casually a lot and do not have one in this pretty dark green color! I ended up keeping this sweater and wearing it the next day to a Christmas Event. As you can see from the picture below I paired it with a long necklace, a cami, dark jeans and booties to complete the simple look. I also have it laid out to wear to school this week with a tank top and a black skirt. I love items that I can wear casually and then to work so this was a great match for me!


If you have yet to give Stitch Fix a try, maybe add it to your Christmas Wish List! You can ask for a gift card and then schedule your fix for a time that suits you!

5 thoughts on “Delivery Time [Stitch Fix #9]

    1. It is really fun! I have gotten quite a few pieces that I wear often! And the jeans- I have gotten the best jeans in my stitch fixes! It is definitely worth a try! Be sure to use my referral link! Can’t wait to see how it goes for you!!!


  1. After trying Stitch Fix for the first time a few weeks ago I am so excited to do it again! Hopefully I get a gift card for Christmas because this can become an expensive habit:)

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