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Month-End Madness [November]

First off sorry that that my month-end recap is so late. I have no idea what has been going on besides I may need a few more hours in each day to get everything done sometimes. Not only have I not been blogging but I have no even been running! I have not run one mile so far in December and to be honest- it is ok. While I do miss it, I have enjoyed the sleeping in, extra snuggles with the kids and even some moments of just sitting still and enjoying the seasons instead of having to schedule each day around when I get my run in. I do plan to break my “non-running” streak sometime soon… maybe it will be today, maybe it will be this weekend. What is funny is I planned to do the Runner’s World Run Streak from Thanksgiving to New Years Day and I completed bailed on that after 5 days. Oh well 🙂


Now onto to summarize the CRAZY busy month of November:

Total Miles: 88.6 considering I ran a race every single weekend and a marathon I thought my mileage may be higher but every since the time change I have not been doing any after work runs (or before work for that matter). For the year I have a total of 896.6.


Fun places I ran:  Along with the races listed below I did take a few runs at different locations such as Trap Pond and through Berlin, including a new running trail at Berlin Falls Park!

Amount of change I found this month: 76 cents while I did not find that much change this month I did find 26 cents of the 76 during the Richmond Marathon! That was pretty cool to find 26 while running 26! Adding my 76 cents brings my yearly total to $16.36!

Races I ran: Every weekend team Jones and crew hit the streets to run a race of some sort.

Each link will take you to the recap if I wrote one!


Favorite two things about running this month: My favorite two things from this month were having my kids race with me at the Be Great 5k. They ran the Kiddie K and earned a medal. They LOVED it and then in return enjoyed cheering on the 5k runners as I pushed them in the BOB Duallie.


My other favorite thing from this month was the Richmond Marathon. That day was truly amazing. The new friends I made and the overall experience that the 5 of us had is one that will go down in my history book of running. If you would like to hear Bart’s side of the story, be sure to check out the Another Mother Podcast on Friday when he talks about his perspective on our race!

Longest run of the month:  There was pretty much no long runs this month- unless it was a race (Richmond or Annapolis). The Delmarva Moms Run This Town did get together for a nice little 5-miler through Berlin but other than that there was no long running.

What’s in store for December: My main goal is to actually run at some point. I also have the Runner’s World Yoga for Runners DVD I am going to do a few days a week + incorporate kettlebells into my weekly routine (that I still need to make and start). I am signed up to run the Surfin’ Snowman 5-miler on December 30th and may possibly run my annual Race Into the New Year event depending on weather and schedule.


Some other non-running related fun this month: After a 4 year break from reading books I cracked one open! After spending 5+ hours with Bart I knew there was more to learn about him so I quickly read his book “My Life on the Run”. It was an awesome book that told just a few of Bart Yasso’s amazing stories! I would highly recommend this one if you like reading and running!


What was your favorite thing about November? What races do you have coming up this month?


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