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Exploring Maryland’s Trails: Berlin Falls Park

Exploring new places while running has become one of my favorite things to do. When I am running the same old places over and over I can sometimes forget to enjoy the beauty (unless its my favorite tree or pier in the Bayside, then I always enjoy it). I recently saw some posts and heard some chatter about the new park in Berlin, Maryland called “Berlin Falls Park” so I knew I had to check it out.


I have only covered Delaware trails (Assawoman Canal Trail, Gordon’s Pond, Assawoman Wildlife Refuge, Fresh Pond,  Trap Pond) but living so close to Maryland I figured it was time to explore some nearby Maryland trails with the first being Berlin Falls Park.

The park is nestled on a 62-acre plot of land that was once the home of a Tyson’s Chicken plant located off of Old Ocean City Boulevard. It is right past Burley Oak and Swell and offers plenty of parking! To get to the park you simply turn by the big tan building and head straight back to the park entrance.


With this being a newly added outside area for Berlin there is still a lot of work to be done, but the 1-mile trail is a great start for more outside options including walking, running and bird watching. If you follow “Berlin Falls Park” on facebook they post events which include bird-watching!

For my day of exploring  I decided to ask my brother to come along. He did not feel like running, but he rode his bike along side me as we explored the trail.  The trail itself is a nice 1-mile loop around ponds that are home to many ducks and birds. We saw plenty of ducks and geese as we made our loop around the trail. The trail is fairly wide and easy to run on. You do have to watch your footing in some spots but overall we made out fine-both on bike and foot. We also saw what looked like hydroponic devices in one of the ponds. It will be interesting to see what all they do with this area in the future. There is so much potential here!

Below (left) is map of just the 1-mile trail from my Garmin Connect app. We decided to also take things into downtown Berlin to add an additional 3 miles (map on the right). Running Berlin is great- so much to look at, including beautiful houses all decorated perfectly and of course historic sights like the Taylor House Museum (where I got married). They have sidewalks and so many different roads where you can take your running if you decide to venture out from Berlin Falls Park like we did.

I already have plans to go back to explore and run the trail again this weekend! I love knowing there are new, safe places to run so close to my house! Have you been to check out Berlin’s newest park?

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