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StrideBox {Delivery #3}


It always comes a surprise to me when I have another Stride Box in my mail box.I was asked to review a StrideBox and them seem to keep coming- so I will gladly accept and share with you what greatness I have inside each month until they stop coming! You can read about my first box here and my second box here if you missed those deliveries!

This month’s StrideBox featured 7 sample items, one essential item, the Stride Guide, the workout/recipe card and of course the motivational sticker (always one of my favorite items!)


Lets jump right in and see what I got this month starting with the StrideBox Essential Item

  • Water Resistant Silicone LED Armband. This is an awesome early morning/ dark night running accessory that can keep you visible while out on your run. This can be worn as an armband or even attached to a stroller, helmet, or a backpack. The armband can stay on or be set to flash!


Now for the sample items:

  • PowerBar-Protien Snack– PB&Carmel. This sounds amazing and will be the perfect snack for that afternoon craving of something kind of sweet yet satisfying. This can be eaten before or after a workout.


  • Foods Alive- Power Snackers– Lemon Chia Crunch. This little bag of goodness is a delicious vegan organic snack “cracker” to enjoy anytime. This Lemon Chia flavor looks so interesting and will also be added to my afternoon snack drawer for days I need a little something to get me through to a workout!


  • Pacific Health- Accel Gel– Key Lime. Like most gels this is suggested to be used before or during a workout. While I do not love gels this flavor definitely interests me. This gel has a 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein and uses a combo of three carbohydrates to maximize energy!


  • Hot Shot- Sports Shot with a Kick. This can be used before, during or after a work out and is scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps. While this is something I do not suffer from I will be sure to keep this on hand just in case those pesky cramps come to visit me.


  • Yogi- Positive Energy & Perfect Energy Teas. I have always been a fan of yogi tea and the positive messages on the tea bag label. This tea can be used at anytime, but especially when you need some positive energy and good vibes.


  • Cal-EZ- Calcium and Vitamin D. This is a single serving of your daily dose of Calcium and Vitamin D (both of which I need more of) in a fast absorbing powder. You can add this flavorless and easy dissolving powder to any drink for those extra vitamins we all need!


  • Raw Honey. I think this was just a little bonus, as it was not on my Stride Guide. I have gotten the honey in a past box and did like it! It was the perfect fuel for a long run!


So StrideBox #3 has been unwrapped and reviewed. Again I like the variety of products and love the fact they send the “essential” item in each box. If you are interested in trying out a StrideBox, visit their website and check out the subscription options. This could be a great item to add to your Christmas wish list this year or send to a fellow runner as well!

Have you tried any of these StrideBox items? Do you get a subscription running box?

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