Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #8}

I am a Stitch Fix Affiliate and by using my Now you can have your own personal stylist!links, I receive a small commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for reading.

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Our Fall has been so amazing so far. Seeing this box on the doorstep meant that things were about to get even more amazing. I was looking forward to this Now you can have your own personal stylist!Fix as I asked for more Fall Basics (can you ever have enough?) and a dress for work. I also mentioned that I loved the jacket they sent me last time, but would like any color but red. When my Stitch Fix box arrived, as usual the kids and I cannot wait to dig in and see what I received!


I always take a scan of what it inside, check out my personal note and styling card and go right to trying each item on! At first glance I was sure I would be keeping the dress and jacket… keep reading to see how Now you can have your own personal stylist!Stitch Fix #8 went.

First up was the Market & Spruce Maeby Knit Dress. Like I mentioned I was sure this dress would be a keeper. I loved how soft it was and the pattern. After a quick try on and some pictures taken by my 4 year old we decided it just was not really for me. I was looking for a dress to wear to school and I felt this one was too clingy and I would not feel comfortable wearing it to school unless I had a big sweater on with it.

Next was the Kensie Mall Ponte Jacket. This jacket was just like the red one- super cute, great fit and pockets. I recently gave away a few old coats so I did not feel bad keeping this one until I started thinking about the price tag on it. I am cheap and knowing I was paying $88.00 for a jacket was a little hard for me to swallow. I rarely wear jackets so sadly I had to pass on the jacket… again. 

Under One Sky Hilary Ombre Infinity Scarf. While this scarf was absolutely beautiful and soft, it was so not me. As I said I do not really wear jackets that much, I never wear scarfs like this. Just looking at it I knew it would be hot and I really do not like being hot and uncomfortable. I tried it on with my sweater as the styling card suggested and it did look good, however it just was not for me.


Market & Spruce Poppi Textured Pullover. As soon as I felt this sweater and its super-soft feel I knew it would be hard for me to pass up. I pulled on my pants from last month’s fix and I knew it was fate. This was the perfect fall outfit (minus the flip flops of course). I had a hard time deciding if I should keep the sweater or not because I already seem to have a handful from my short stint of working at the polo outlet in college but this one was different and ended up being a keeper! I have already worn the sweater once and I know it will be making more appearances throughout the holiday seasons!

Last was the Skies are Blue Brecken Mixed Material Top. This top did not really catch my attention until I put it on and realized how much I liked it. The small pattern and few pops of color really appealed to me and I tried it one with a few different pairs of pants for work (red pants, khaki and black) and all looked good. I also plan to find the perfect pair of white capris for spring and wear this top with them as well. The black of this top is solid black and contrasts with the from design. End result keeping this one!

So Stitch Fix #8 did not disappoint, as I knew it would not. I did decide to take the next month off so I could focus on Christmas shopping instead of Stitch Fix shopping but I do want to remind you all that Stitch Fix offers gift cards for Fix Lovers like me! Be sure to use this link to buy your stylish friend, companion or sibling the gift to a FIX!

What did you like out of my Stitch Fix? Would you considering asking for a Fix for Christmas?? 

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