Things I am Loving Lately {Fall Edition}

Happy Friday! I thought this day would NEVER get here this week! It was a busy one but the good news is that all survived! To kick off the weekend I wanted to share with you some things I am loving this fall!


Warm, Fall Weather. This fall has been a very interesting, busy one. One thing I have loved about this fall so far is the extremely MILD temperatures. It has been amazing to head out for a run in shorts and a tank top and not worry about layering up- YET anyway. I am trying to soak up and enjoy each warm and mild day because I know before long it will be back to cold. My flowers on my deck are still blooming which is amazing to me. Each day I look out and they just make me smile. I am hopeful they will stick around a little longer.

The only bad thing about this warm weather is the gnats and misquotes. There is nothing worse then getting bit by bugs in November or annoyed by gnats but I guess that is part of the great outdoors.

Rock My Run. This app has literally saved me on my past few solo runs. I have been so spoiled by all my group runs that I cannot remember the last time I have had to listen to music. Luckily with Rock my Run I do not have to stress about having a playlist ready, I can just open my app, pick a station and run. It has made my not-so-easy runs a little easier.

Taper Time. While most people do not like the marathon taper I have embraced it with open arms. While marathon training is fun and guaranteed time with some of my best friends (also therapy), the thought of sleeping in, planning my weekends around my long run and trying to figure out where to run countless miles makes me happy. I have had some serious mom-guilt this training cycle and look forward to putting the breaks on racing. I already have two half marathons planned for 2017 but plan to keep the calendar light this year.

Last Long-ish Run of Training
My Augusta Active Gear. Seriously Augusta Active has been killing it lately for me. I am really loving their running skirts and I always get so many compliments when wearing them! Along with the cute and affordable running bottoms they have a great tank selection that are perfect for running! I wore the Astonish Tank with the Team Cheer Skort and it provided comfort and cuteness for all the miles we ran while at Baltimore. If you have not checked out their site yet- you have to! (www.AugustaActive.com) Along with cute workout gear my kids LOVE the baseball shirts. My son recently asked if I would buy him more because they are his favorite!! I have also been eyeing up some French terry lounge pants as well… may be adding these to my Christmas List!


Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt. I know, I know I have already written not one, but TWO posts about my blanket but seriously… I LOVE IT! I have found myself cuddled up with it each time I get on the couch. The fleece side is nice and warm and the t-shirt side is just perfect.

So what are you loving this fall? Are you over the warm weather and ready for cold gear? Any favorite brands or purchases lately?


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