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Project Repat T- Shirt Quilts {Good for the Sole}

A few weeks ago I shared with you that I had a problem… my problem was the cedar chest filled with shirts- mainly race shirts. While I love these shirts and they all hold a special and unique memory for me (especially that yellow one on the top- my 1st ever 5k), all they were doing is sitting there- unworn.

When Project Repat reached out and offered to transform my shirts into a quilt for an honest review I jumped at the chance. I have been so envious of my friends that have awesome t-shirt quilts! I was not really sure where to start with getting one made- hence the overflowing cedar chest of shirts. Project Repat made the process SO SIMPLE.


I summarized the process here and shared a discount code: ( ) that will score you 15% off your own custom t-shirt quilt but here is a quick recap:

  • Order your size t-shirt quilt through – select your size blanket and color fleece. This will tell you how many “panels” you will need to send.
  • Cut your shirts as stated in the very clear instructions.
  • Mail your shirts to the designated location.
  • Patiently wait for your awesome quilt to come back.


When I opened my new, twin sized t-shirt quilt I could not stop smiling. It made me SO happy to see my special race shirts in my new orchid colored fleece t- shirt blanket. While I did not ask for any special placement of any of my shirts (you can but must follow the specific instructions) they did a nice job of spreading out the race shirts that I had done multiple times (Dogfish Dash, Strike out ALS, and Cherry Blossom).

As you can see it did not take me long to add my new Project Repat blanket into my morning coffee and cuddles routine. I am so happy with not only the timely service, but the quality of my new blanket! I would highly encourage anyone who has t-shirts that are special to you (high school teams, sorority, favorite football team, ect) but not in your typical rotation of shirts you wear to look into and order a project repat t-shirt quilt blanket! Visit for more information and do not forget to save 15% by using this special link:


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