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Month End Madness: October

WOW this month was a busy one to say the least. We pretty much had some sort of event each and every weekend and the month FLEW by! From swimming lessons, meetings, races and fall events it feels like Septembers recap was light years ago!


Total Miles: 94.8 which is my highest monthly total in a while. I was hoping to get a little bit closer to 100 but I will gladly take the 94.8 which brings my yearly total to 808.


Fun places I ran:  This month started at the Pemberton Park for the Half Marathon, took me to the streets of Baltimore with thousands of other runners and through my town, Ocean Pines, as well to Ocean City. While no “new” places were covered it was nice mixing it up and running somewhere different each weekend.

Amy and I at the Fenwick Island Light House


Amount of change I found this month: While I did have a few paid runs this month my change only added up to 90 cents. My new yearly total is $15.60. Think I can make it to $20.00 before the end of the year??



Races I ran: This month my race schedule livened up a little bit. I ran two half marathons and 2 5ks. I actually had two other 5ks planned I wanted to do, however it just did not work out.

You can read the recaps from the races here:

Favorite thing about running this month:

My favorite thing about running this month was definitely the Baltimore Running Festival weekend. We jammed packed loads of fun and 19.5 into one morning. Getting away for the night and doing what I love was just what the doctor ordered.


Longest run of the month:  The longest run of the month was 19.5 miles but that was broken up into a few runs. Besides that glorious multi-run day, I logged a 12 miler and a 13.5 miler and an 8-miler.


What’s in store for November: It is officially MARATHON MONTH!!! It is hard to believe the training that started this summer will now be put to the test on November 12th. The following weekend I will be joining Courtney for the Annapolis Half Marathon. That premium was just too good to pass up! You can still register for the Annapolis half (the 10k is sold out) and save 10% by using the code KRSITEN16!



Some other running related fun news this month:

I got new shoes! After purchases the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante (which I was SO excited about) and a trial run I ended up sending them back. They were just too tight and did not work for me. I do have to compliment the New Balance customer service that made the process SO Easy! I ended up going back to Saucony but trying a different type- the Zealot ISO. They have been GREAT and I am 90% sure I will be wearing them for the marathon next week!


This month our school also did a Mural Project. Each student and teacher had the opportunity to paint a small section which will be combined to make a mural for our hallway. I was lucky enough to snag an end section which was a bit wider. I gave my best advice as you can see below:

Run and be Happy


What was your favorite thing about October? What races do you have coming up this year?

2 thoughts on “Month End Madness: October

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Change : that’s funny. Do you notice change when you run? or walk? I barely notice the ground when I run. I also was always thinking that if I stop for a bit, it would be too hard to run again.

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