Project Repat: A Race Shirt Collector’s Dream (discount code inside)

first 5k shirt.png

I ran my first ever 5k in June of 2008. I had already signed up for the Baltimore 5k (part of the Baltimore Running Festival) but wanted to get a trial run under my belt before the big day in October of 2008. That first 5k seemed like it took me an hour (probably close to 40 minutes if I could actually find my finishing time) and it was super hot and humid. The yellow shirt I got at registration is one I still have to this day, however I cannot remember the last time I wore it- mainly because of all the race shirts and other t-shirts I have accumulated in my teaching/racing career. I was given this chest shortly after moving out of my parents house, into my own place and it quickly became the holder of my shirts.


I have yet to decide if my chest that is overflowing with shirts and tanks are embarrassing or something I should be proud of. Either way there are A LOT of miles and memories in that trunk. Recently Project Repat reached out to offer me a deal to get a twin sized t-shirt quilt made in exchange for a review. I was SO excited for this chance, mainly because of that chest full of shirts… I had so many shirts that I love because the race was important to me but rarely or never wear the shirt that I got at the race or event.

Project Repat is an easy way to cherish those memories- whether they be race shirts like me, college sorority shirts, high school sports shirts or whatever it is that you have a lot of. The process is simple and easy: Visit Project Repat and use my referral link here: http://projectrepat.refr.cc/7BPGQPC and get started! (p.s. this link also saves you 15%!!)

  1. Pick your size panel and quilt you want to order- the size you pick will determine how many “panels” or shirts (either front, back or combo or both) you will need to send.
  2. Select which color fleece you want your quilt to be.
  3. Add to your cart and pay!


Once you pay for your order, you get an email with detailed instructions on how to get your shirts ready to be made into a quilt. Once you determine how many panels you have to send, you have to decide are you sending the front of the shirt, back of the shirt or both. You can send a combo of whatever you like- you just need to cut the shirts if they have graphics on both side and you only want to use one side of it. Since all the shirts I sent were from some kind of race, mine were all two-sided and I had to cut all of mine. Cutting the shirts seems scary at first but Project Repat as the perfect, very short video which makes it an easy and low-stress process.


Once you have your shirts ready to roll you simply pack them up (the website suggests using the flat rate boxes from USPS) and mail your shirts and your order conformation sheet to your designated Project Reap location. Once Project Reap receives your shirts they will send you an email to let you know. You should however keep track of your tracking information just in case. A few weeks or so later your amazing t-shirt quilt with all your memories (and miles in my case) will arrive just in time for a cool-weather snuggle session on the couch!

If you want to check out Project Repat for yourself or even suggested this to someone else for a Christmas gift for yourself GET ON IT! Time is ticking if you want yours done before Christmas! I do not know about you, but this would be the perfect gift to ask for! Be sure to use my referral link to get 15% off your Project Repat t-shirt quilt by using this link: http://projectrepat.refr.cc/7BPGQPC

Be sure to follow Project Repat on social media as well to see all the awesome quilts they are making. Also they are super responsive and interactive online and can answer any of your questions!

Instagram: projectrepatusa

Twitter: @ProjectRepat

Facebook:Project Repat

What do you do with all of your race shirts? Have you ever thought about getting a t-shirt quilt made?



5 thoughts on “Project Repat: A Race Shirt Collector’s Dream (discount code inside)

    1. I am SO excited! I thought I would have a hard time selecting shirts but it ended up being pretty easy. Most of the shirts I picked I never wear but like but never wear so figured they were perfect contendors.


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