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StrideBox [Delivery #2]

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When you come home from work knowing you need to start packing for an upcoming girls running weekend, there is nothing that can make me more excited then seeing another Stride Box on my door step! Last month I was sent a Stride Box to review and boom another one was delivered. Not sure WHY, but I will happily accept it!

Besides the awesome contents of the actual Stride Box, I love the Stride Box Guide. It tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about the products in my box. Like last month, I was sent a lot of cool things that I either NEEDED or cannot wait to try. Here is what was in this month’s Stride Box:

New Grounds- Coffee Bar (Carmel Macchiato). So this little bar looks magical! An all natural energy bar infused with my other love.. COFFEE! This bar is good for before or after a workout.


Sport Beans-Extreme (Watermelon & Cherry). THESE! I was thrilled to see these as I had just run out of my last pack of sport beans. This is one item that I do like to fuel with during long runs. Sport beans can be used before or during a workout- tasty and delicious!


Evoke Foods- Muesli- Athlete Fuel. This fuel is packed with almonds, cashews, raisins, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and whole grains. Perfect for before or after a workout, or even for a mid-afternoon snack!



Tailwind- Endurance Fuel (Berry). This powder is a water mix-in that is good for before or during a workout. This is made with natural ingredients and organic flavors. I am looking forward to trying this out before my long run this weekend!


Sport Tea- Daily Energy Tea. Seriously.. first a coffee bar and now sports tea. This stride box was on point. This tea is a high performance, great tasting, energy providing tea blended to get you up and moving. This can be enjoyed at any time and can be good hot or cold. I see this in my future for a post run, recovery drink.


PJUR Active-2skin-Anti Chafing Gel. It happens to us all- sometimes… that dreaded “C” word. This product instantly creates an invisible protective layer which strengthens the skin’s cell structure and pressure to prevent chaffing. I have been getting some gnarly blisters on my feet so this may be the next thing I try.. why not right?


This month’s special item was the Stridebox Anthology Rundana. This features an anthology of past Stride Box stickers. A rundana is a multi-function headband that can be worn different ways and help keep you looking cool on your run!


Speaking of Stride Box stickers, this months was PERFECT. I have been covering my Yeti with lots of my favorite stickers and my stridebox ones have been a perfect addition! Check out this months:


Month 2 of Stidebox delivery did not disappoint! I secretly hope that I keep getting these lovely little boxes of running joy, if not I guess I could just sign myself up right? If you want to learn more about Stride Box and their products or subscriptions, visit:





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