Stitch Fix Review

Chad’s Turn {Men’s Stitch Fix}

When I heard that Stitch Fix was expanding to now style men I could not wait to sign Chad up for a box! He rarely shops for himself and I thought this would be the perfect way to surprise him with a few new items for his closet. After a few minutes of filling out his style profile he was set up and ready to go to receive his first ever fix!! While I was WAY more excited about his fix I secretly think he was kind of looking forward to it as well!


When his fix arrived he was still slightly confused about what was going on. I told him how simple it was- he tries on the clothes, keeps what he likes, send back what he doesn’t. While I was not able to get him to model his new outfits, he did keep some items so I will try and snag some pictures when he has them on!


First up was the Hawker Rye- Essential Wash Straight Fit Chino ($68.00). Sadly these did not fit him like he wanted so they did not stay on long and we definitely knew they would be going back.

Next was the Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt ($58.00). This was a very nice, white button up shirt with a pocket. It fit him well and I liked it, but he does somehow have quite a collection of white button up shirts. We ended up sending this one back as well.

Navy Chinos & White Long Sleeve Shirt

The next three items were Chad’s Stitch Fix keepers. I knew the James Campbell Carbon Button Front Shirt ($98.50) was going to be a hit as soon as we took it out of the box. The pattern and the fit both were a hit and Chad really liked the ability to hold the sleeves up with the button and make it a 3/4 length sleeve button up.


The Grayers Byron Double Cloth Henley ($75.00) was also a favorite. Chad often wears blue and this one was right up his alley. He can pair this with dark denim or khakis on our next date night!


The last item was my favorite and if Chad is not careful I may take it for myself. He is lucky that the Threads 4 Thought Baseline Triblend Crew Tee ($28.00) is his size and not a little smaller. This shirt was SO SOFT and I even requested that if they have this in other colors they send one next time as well!


For someone who was not so sure about the men’s Stitch Fix, Chad ended up keeping three items and is looking forward to his next fix! We currently have him signed up to receive a fix every other month. If you want to try out Stitch Fix for yourself or your man, visit: (which hooks me up with a small commission) or buy  your brother, cousin, uncle or favorite male a gift card using this link:

What did you like from Chad’s Stitch Fix?

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