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Back to Baltimore [Moron Style]


Tomorrow I will be running in the Baltimore Running Festival for the 5th time. This will be my second time running the 5k, and my 4th time running the half marathon. This year will not only be my 5th year but also the year I become a moron, a Baltimoron that is! In the past many people have run the 5k then run the half but this year it is official! The Baltimore Running Fest added the Baltimoron-a-thon challenge, which you get greatly rewarded for with 1 cool bib, 2 shirts and 3 medals!

The first time I tackled Baltimore it was the 5k in 2008. I was tagging along with Courtney who was running the half marathon for at least the 2rd or 3rd time and all I really remember is that it was HOT and I waited what felt like forever for Courtney to finish- not because she took forever, but because the Half takes place over an hour after the 5k.

The next year, 2009, I went right back to Baltimore for my first ever Half marathon! My favorite memory from this race is that I took advantage of EVERY stop the race offered- oranges, gels, gummy bears, water, m&ms, whatever I could get my hands on. I ended up finishing in exactly 2:30

Third time is a charm: Back in 2010 for yet again another Baltimore Half Marathon. There isn’t much I remember about this race besides I wanted to beat my previous years time so I did with a finish time of 2:29. Goals guy, goals.

2011 pre-race



2011 brought a completely different kind of race for me- a pregnant/porta potty stopping race! Here in 2010 I was a few weeks pregnant and dealt with my first major stomach issues during a race. I think I stopped at EVERY SINGLE porta potty along the course. My stomach was a MESS and it was just not fun at all. I ended up somehow finding my soon-to-be brother-in-law and we stuck together to pound 13.1 painful, slow miles promising each other we would finish in under 3 hours. So yet again cut it close, but finished in exactly 2:59.

With a 4 year break from Baltimore I am SO excited for this weekend. It will be my first ever double-race day, 17th half marathon, great girls getaway weekend AND we get so much awesome swag! The brand new designed medals for the half and full are amazing and we score one long sleeve and one short sleeve shirt for participating in both the half and 5k.

If you are running this weekend and happen to “run” into us please stop and say hi! Enjoy the weekend, the race and the miles! See ya at the finish line!

Have you ever run a double-race challenge event? How cool do the new half and full medals look?? YES THEY OPEN!!!

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