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Delivery Time {Stitch Fix #7}

Coming home to a Stitch Fix delivery always gets me excited. Knowing I had asked for fall items in my most recent fix made me even more excited. I have overall been happy with each Fix that I have gotten and I was almost a little shocked when I realized this was my 7th Stitch Fix delivery! It seems funny to me that as I get ready, whether for school or heading out, I often find myself reaching for my items I have gotten through Stitch Fix- especially my jeans from my last Fix.


For my 7th Stitch Fix I was sent 5 items- 1 pair of pants, 1 necklace, a jacket and two tops. Check out the line up below.

To kick things off I will just go ahead and tell you that the necklace was broken when I received it. I was bummed to see this, but to be quite honest I would not pay $34.00 for a necklace anyway. I would however be asking for a replacement if I planned on keeping all my items because the $34.00 necklace would be worth the 25% discount. Moving onto the next item:

Papermoon-Benge Bow Back Detail Knit Top: While cute and rather comfortable I did not love this top. I was having some serious second guessing when I paired it with my dark denim capris that I got in an earlier fix. The bows on the back were cute, but not cute enough to make me keep it. Result: RETURN

Fun2Fun-Enid V-Neck Top. Stitch Fix seems to like these tops and I agree with them. This top is perfect to pair with work pants and flats, or throw on with jeans and head out the door for errands. I was confused at first on the actual dark color of the background on the shirt and accidentally wore it with navy pants the first time. As you can see with the dark jeans it looks fine but I will more than likely pair with black pants or capris for work. Result: KEEP

Kensie-Mally Ponte Jacket. I really hope I am not going to regret sending this one back. I loved everything about it except one thing: the color. I already have 1 , maybe 2 red pea-coat type jackets and I just could not justify keeping another one even though the fit, material and extra pockets were well… awesome. I did ask my stylist to keep this type of jacket in mind for the future- just not in red! Result: RETURN

Just Black-Addison Skinny Jean. I was the most excited to see these in the my fix. I had told my stylist that I did not want any more denim jeans but I would be open to trying colored denim or leggings. I really liked the color and was SUPER happy to see they were the same brand as my last pair of denim jeans that feel so incredibly soft! Result: KEEP!

I have already asked my stylist to include some comfortable dresses for work, fall layering items or outfit items that could be worn for upcoming holiday dinners. If you have not yet tried Stitch Fix or are wondering how it works, it is simple. Sign up using one of my refferal links or this one here: , fill out your style profile and schedule your first Fix. Once your fix is being styled, you are charged a $20.00 styling fee. The good news is that the $20.00 fee goes towards any item you keep from your fix! Once your Fix arrives you try everything on, keep what you like, return what you do not want in a bag that Stitch Fix sends you (they pay return postage). If you end up having a fairy tail fix and keep all 5 items, you get your $20.00 credit + 25% off! Along with women’s clothes, Stitch Fix is now styling men! I signed Chad up so stay tuned for his first modeling gig!

What items did you like from my 7th Stitch Fix delivery? Did I make another huge mistake by not keeping the red jacket?? 

*Disclaimer: I receive a compensation if you sign up and schedule a fix using one of my links. Thanks for supporting a girls habit*


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