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Pemberton Half Marathon {Race Recap}

Sometimes races are so perfect in every way that race recaps are hard to write. I had this problem once before- shockingly after the Richmond Marathon back in 2014. You would think my first marathon would be so magical and memorable, but truth be told it was pretty much a cold, long run with my sole sister Lacee that provided lots of cheering, water stops, and awesome finish line swag. It was so great in every way with nothing crazy happening that my recap was probably pretty boring to read. I was kind of feeling the same way about the Pemberton Half- it was great, we smiled, we ran, we finished.

Saturday morning around 6:40 a group of us (18 to be exact) gathered at Pemberton Park to run the 4th Pemberton Half Marathon. It was overcast and humid and for the most part pretty good running weather. There was a cast of characters there like Trent (the event organizer and author of lazy2crazy), Vanessa (she runs by the seashore she runs by the seashore author), Amy my marathon runner partner, Grizzy (another Richmond in-training-runner), someone dressed as a cowboy (yes he ran the entire thing in a cowboy outfit-lasso and all!!??), Super Fast Martin and a handful of other people I probably met last year but do not remember their names (SORRY GUYS)! We set out to run 13.1 (actually 13.2 but who was keeping track of that anyway?!) countryside miles. Trent does a great job of organizing this event- complete with a perfectly marked course and 3 water stops along the route. He even has bibs printed for us which is such a nice touch! Shout out to DiCarlo Printing for making them look awesome.

spoiler alert I won 3rd place female (out of 5)

Amy and I had planned to stick together and do a 3 minute run, 1 minute walk the entire time. Our plan worked out great and we felt pretty good considering we have not done a long run in over two weeks (oops). Our splits were consistent and we enjoyed the time to talk and catch up.

As we were approaching mile 5, Amy was super excited to find a penny! It definitely lifted our moods as we still had a lot of miles left to run. I also found a penny later on (mile 11 or so) however nothing can beat that smile Amy had!


One thing I was really looking forward to on Saturday is trying out my new Augusta Active outfit that they sent me. They have been such an amazing company to work with and be an ambassador for! The most recent outfit I was sent was the Women’s Poly/Spandex Skort. This skort stayed in place the entire time and was very comfortable for all 13 miles. You find a link to the skort here. The tank I worn was a new addition to their line called the Astonish Tank. It was SO light as the back is mainly mesh and had a nice loose fit. This was perfect for the humid weather. You can look up the tank here.


Back to the race- Amy and I ended up finishing numbers 16 & 17 which was completely fine with us since we were taking things easy. One major benefit of finishing near the end was the cheering section had growth to the 15 finishers before us plus their family members! We were greeted with smiles, cheers, post race snacks and lots of high fives!


The Pemberton Half marathon was yet again another great race! Trent did and always does such a great job of making this race as good as those big ones that we pay a lot of money for! Speaking of big races he is also organizing a 50K! Be sure to check out the link and read about the details for the Algonquin 50k taking place in Maryland on February 11th.

The 4th Pemberton Half Marathon Finishers

Between my sweet outfit, the awesome race and great running friends, the Pemberton was the perfect way to spend Saturday morning. I am already looking forward to next year!

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