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Month-End Madness|September|

September was such a busy month and October is looking to be even more packed with running, racing and other activities. While I did enjoy September I am hoping that I will be able to sneak away to Jones beach with the kids a few more times before the chill of fall creeps in. While I love fall running and how easy it feels compared to running the summer, nothing quite compares to the summer sun, sandy feet and that salt-air smell.

A fun morning at Jones Beacg

Total Miles: 82.5 I was hoping for more miles but you guessed it- life happens and things don’t work out as planned. Oh well. I am hoping for a few more miles today to maybe up the total  just a little bit. My year to date total is now 710.7 Miles!

AA with stroller
Red, White & Blue 5k in my Augusta Active Outfit

Fun places I ran: While marathon training started out pretty strong this month with long runs at Trap Pond  (14 Miles) and then through and around Downtown Ocean City (15 Miles) I also took some runs around town, through the Bayside, and the town I work in.

The best run was by far on Gordon’s Pond Trail which runs from Rehoboth and Lewes. It was a super nice day so the trail was busy! I had the kids with me and they enjoyed a little bit of running themselves! If you have not yet checked this running trail out- YOU MUST!


Amount of change I found this month: $1.15 (plus the $5.00 bill I found!) If we count the $5.00 bill that would bring my year-to-date findings to $14.88. 

Amy enjoyed her 1st paid run!

Races I ran: I hit the racing scene pretty hard this month. It was fun getting back into racing and pushing myself a little harder then my normal runs. I ended up running 2 5ks and 1 8k. You can check out my race recaps below


Favorite thing about running this month: My favorite thing this month was definitely crossing some of those long runs off the list. Yes, we may be slightly behind schedule but it was awesome to log 14 and 15 mile runs with Amy! The Dogfish Dash was another favorite. The weather was great, the course was fun and the after party was the best! I also enjoyed my “birthday run” with little Miss R. We hit the streets for a nice little 5-miler then stopped at the local Starbucks to collect my free birthday drink! Sweet Cream Cold Brew for the birthday win!

Reagan proudly displaying our penny we found!

Longest run of the month: 15.2 Miles. On one of the hottest days of the month, Amy and I laced up from West Ocean City and hit the road for a total of 15.2 miles. Despite the hot temps, we got lucky with some cloud cover and after two Holiday Inn Stops for water we crossed the long training run off our calendar! It was really cool to start our run in the dark and watch the sun rise over Ocean City. We also were able to collect lots of change from the beach visitors dropping them!


What’s in store for October: There are a few main events this month that I cannot wait for, one of which is tomorrow – the Pemberton Half Marathon (free, local half marathon put on by an awesome runner), Baltimoron-a-thon (5k then the Half Marathon), our LONGEST TRAINING RUN -the 20-miler, The Believe in Tomorrow 5k (look it up here and SIGN UP http://www.seashorestriders.com/race-schedule/inaugural-believe-tomorrow-beach-respite-5k) and a few other little races if my schedule will allow it. October is going to be a busy month between running, racing and all my other school-related activities. Along with my planned activities the kids start back at swimming lessons!! Splish Splash!

Gotta Burn that ENERGY somehow! Swimming lessons it is!

What was your favorite thing about September? What Fall races do you have coming up?


Don’t forget about the Annapolis Running Classic! This is the best fall half marathon and you can save 10% by using KRISTEN16 when you register!!!!! Sign up here: https://runsignup.com/Race/MD/Annapolis/AnnapolisRunningClassic?remMeAttempt=

2 thoughts on “Month-End Madness|September|

  1. Great month! Nice job on all the races. I haven’t been racing much in preparation for my marathon next weekend, but am looking forward to doing more 5ks again!

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