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Energy Bits | Powered By Bits | Review & Giveaway


Disclaimer: I was sent samples of energy bits and recovery bits to sample it return for a blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which may result in a small commission. Thank you for reading šŸ™‚

Being a busy Mom of two with a full-time job, husband and house to take care of I can use all the extra energy I can get. When Energy Bits reached out and asked if I would review their product I of course replied YES- BRING ON THE ENERGY! Now that I am back to school my after work runs are few are far between and often include the stroller & kids. After a normal school day I am tired and often lacking motivation to run- for example take Monday- 5 am alarm, teach 7 classes, pick kids up, remember I need to get a few groceries in order to made dinner, really want to run and really want the kids to have some outside play time. In order to make all those after school things I happen I went straight to Energy Bits.


After taking a handful of bits (which need to be swallowed, NOT chewed) I loaded up the double stroller and the kids and we headed to my favorite running spot that also includes a grocery store and a playgound. We did a quick 2 mile run, stopped and played at the playground and ran back to our car to log another 1.5 miles. We then walked over to the grocery store and got what we needed. While the run was not epic, super fast or anything special the bottom line is that I was tired and the bits helped me push through.

Now move onto today. It is Saturday, I got to sleep in a little and be lazy for the first few hours of the morning but again I wanted to get out and enjoy the day and perfect weather. After a long work week I was tired as most are. On the way to the run I again popped in a handful of bits and shortly after we were on the trail.


I am not a big “fuel” person so knowing I can take some bits before  I run and feel more energized is a great feeling. The kids and I hit our favorite trail for a total of 5.5 miles. Again we were not hitting fast speeds or negative splits but we were moving and grooving and having a good old time. We also saw some beautiful views along the way.

So now for the technical stuff: Energy Bits tablets are a FUEL/FOOD and are 100% Non-GMO organic spirulina, an algae that satisfies your hunger, improves your focus and best of all increases your energy. The Recovery Bits tablets are a RECOVERY FUEL/IMMUNE BUILDER that are also 100% Non-GMO chlorella, an algae that reduces muscle pain, speeds recovery from injury, prevents colds, supports anti-aging and removes toxins.

If you would like to try Energy Bits and Recovery Bits yourself visit their website: to learn more OR you can enter my giveaway below! To win an Energy Bits prize pack use the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!!! The contest will end on Wednesday so do not delay to enter! Also if you would like to just go ahead and purchase your bit use the code BLOG when you check out for a 20% discount!!!1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: winner must live in the US and follow energy bits on twitter and facebook

9 thoughts on “Energy Bits | Powered By Bits | Review & Giveaway

  1. I have been using energy bits for my marathon training and I’m getting great results. Thrilled I do not need gu to run a marathon. For my long runs I have been taking 15 an hour before I start and about 5 tablets every 4 miles. I’m up to 16 miles and no problem finishing. The weather this training season has been hot, humid and rainy. Managing the weather and the distance just with water and energybits. When I finish I take about 15 recovery bits and save the remaining 15 for bedtime. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with Gatorade or the different gels. Thanks energy bits.

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  2. I am a weight lifter turned runner, so I am used to taking preworkouts like NO Xplode or The Curse. I think it would be interesting to try something that is more targeted toward endurance athletes, not just us crazy weight lifters.

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